Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Difference Between Men and Women Beach Volleyball

I catch both men and women beach volleyball games these last couple of days, and just puzzle over the differences in their attire! Well, being an old soul, my thoughts were why their clothing is so different?

What the women wear

These gorgeous athletic bodies wore the two-piece skimpy bathing suits! Every movement they made, there are thousands of cameras follow to catch that one "exposure" shot! Who cares? The bottom piece can just weave in the crack of the buns, and expose to millions eyes around the world, including children.

Hey, in the name of the game, body sells, skin sells, skimpy outfits sells, sex sells!

Everybody benefits! The photographers will make tons of money. The athletes get offers to post nude for playboy magazine, for what else but money and more fame! The male genders glue their eyes to the television sets, and compare who has the "hottest" body in language that they use to strengthen their bond.

Then, for people like me, I have to cover the children's eyes and turn the TV off! The kids do not need to be exposed to this type of images just yet. For now, they should respect the human body!

What the men wear

Now, here is a shocker: men wear full outfits with sleeveless shirt, and full length short! You won't see "swim brief" on them. Why oh why?

These men played in the same hot weather, on the sand, surrounded by million people, and cameras, but why are they decently clothed? Why they are not just draped themselves in that skimpy Speedo piece?

Are men more conscious about their bodies, or are they not a hot selling item with bare skin? What about their sex appeal? There must be a playgirl magazine in existence. What's wrong? Are men worried about the sand that might get inside with "Speedo" swim suit?

And hey, women like to watch those athletic, muscles, bare skin, and flat abs too! Why is the difference between men and women body wear in the Olympic?

Are fairness and justice for both genders created equally? Why women are still being exploited? Most importantly, why women still agree to exploitation, and degrading? Can we have some respect, please!



  1. Icy, I thought the same thing when I watched the volleyball games. They have speedos for men, so it wasn't a matter of not having the same skimpy costume available. It appears like exploitation pure and simple, and I don't think the women were more comfortable in their gear.

  2. Thanks Judy for your comment! I think the women are quite happy to wear next to nothing pieces. Wonder how their nieces, nephews, and other kids feel watching their almost naked bodies?

  3. The women wear that cause they are told to by the volley ball associations. No joke.

    But as I am anti censorship on any level, you found the appropriate solution, change the channel. I would say this is unfair that the sport is marketed this way, but is it the fault of those selling, or of those buying?

    1. Are the volleyball associations run by men? Because that would explain it...

  4. women's beach volleyball will not make prime time television based on the sport alone. The machine that is the media engine portrays females in this view to interest male viewers and increase viewer numbers so tv stations can sell advertising time at a higher price. Would 1/2 the population watching Beach volleyball from home watch if the women were wearing shorts and a shirt? I dont think so.


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