Monday, September 1, 2008

Meijer SuperMarket Pushes Customers to Use Self-Checkout Service

It was a mid afternoon Monday when I decided to take the boys to do grocery shopping. We spent time looking at things, and the boys even strolled down the toy aisles for a while.

Our shopping chore didn't take long, but the waiting was double. The line was long, as if it was Christmas Eve, and not many registers were open. Customers started to shuffle, trying to find the shortest line to go to.

Mind you, this was Meijer! One of those giant superstores that used to offer customers service. Not anymore, they are not! They are cutting down on costs.

You must use the self-checkout lane

Meijer is currently directing their customers to the self-checkout lanes, by open only a few regular registers. The result was long lines of upsetting customers.

People returned their soft frozen foods, their melted ice cream, and complained to the nearest cashier supervisor. She couldn't do anything, and told us that it was corporate decision.

The gimmick

On each of the self checkout lane there was a post of "Hiring Now." To top it off, manager, assistant manager, and supervisors were scattered all over the front of the store, encouraged customers to use the self-checkout lanes.

Self-checkout lane is not suitable for elderly, people with a cart full of foods, or people with children and babies. Who would keep an eye on the children, or hold the baby for them to scan the foods, let alone bag their own foods, and put them in the cart?

Many people refused to use the self-checkout lanes and demand for regular registers to open up. After a few minutes of hearing complaints, the store manager, assistant manager, and the cashier supervisor all disappeared.

I think at this point, we all have figured out their gimmick!

Customers are smarter than Meijer thinks!

Where is the old fashion customer service? All right, just where is customer service then? What happens to it? Is it still around anymore? Can we still have service in the future? Are we being forced to do everything on our own?

Meijer cuts down on hiring cashiers! Force customers to get used to self-checkout lane. There you go, more people are out of jobs! More people will not be able to support their family. More people will be out of homes!

Hey, posting "Hiring Now" is not fooling anybody! We know what you are trying to do by the way your people behaved. Manager apologized. Rude supervisor such as Elaine, made this comment to an elderly lady: "If you drive a car, you pump your own gas, right? It is not different!"

After she loudly said that, and received intense starred from people, she walked the elderly lady to another line and checked her out!

Yes, we know what you are doing! Corporate may give order on how to run a store, but they can't give order on how people should behave.



  1. Shopping is becoming as much fun as trying to call businesses and having to deal with robotic voice after robotic voice when a human being could answer your question in two seconds! And we thought technology would make our lives easier....

  2. I totally agree with you about the phone system, and dreaded when I have to make a call to business...

    Thanks yogaforcynics!

  3. I am a piano teacher with a lot of patience, but being forced to self checkouts and scanners at Meijers puts me over the edge! The scanners constantly malfunction if I go too fast and dragging each item over the scanner 4-5 times puts me in a rage and I start throwing things at the stupid machine talking like a zombie. I'm not getting paid enough for that kind of nonsense! Oh wait - I'm not getting paid at all to put up with it. They have to hire someone to put out fires and solve problems at the self checkout anyways - why not just hire a cashier! No baggers now, no carry out, now no cashiers. What next - will the customers be unloading the trucks and stocking the shelves? The next time I'm forced to the self checkout they just may need to call security, if it even exists anymore!

  4. MissMeowsic

    I was charge double for one item when using the check-out scanner, and frustrated so much that I didn't go back to Meijer at all!

    I like to have a little personal human contact if I am doing business with them!

  5. I hope the self checkouts have improved since. In our city this is what most shoppers preferred. But I hear you about all the malfunction problems.


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