Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Complete Biography

My father said that as soon as I knew how to hold a pen/pencil, I started to write (okay, doodling) every where. If the wall was off limit for the moment, then the floor became my playground!

I've always been fond of writing! It is very therapeutic to me, and brings out my creativity, not to mention my imagination.

If you are interested in reading what I wrote, or just want to check out my portfolio, you can find them here:

1) Triond--I have more than 200 articles/poems on this website.  Join me to write and earn residue income for life.

2) Associated Content--I have 53 articles on this website, but not at all active there.

3) Helium--I have 37 articles on this website, sold at least 3 articles to market place already, but I don't like their system.  In order to get paid for your writing, you have to read and rate other's work every day, or else you don't get a penny!

4) Bubblews--Micro blogging site

5) RedGage--Photos Site

Besides writing for all the above websites, you can find me blogging at these websites:
I am also currently working with a few advertisers by writing for paid post reviews!  Money is a motivation, and writing is my love. I'm living my dream!

You can also contact me here.



  1. Hi BC,
    Thanks for inviting me over to your blog site. I see that we have similar interests like personal develoment, motivational, and obviously, writing.

    All the very best!


  2. And what a blog it is, BC. It's always a pleasure to visit. Well done, you!

  3. pleasure to know you! love naqvee

  4. I finally got to meet you. This has helped me to know you a little better, and I really, really, really like what I found out. Great going on an excellent blog.

  5. and i love reading your thoughts! much:) -zen-


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