Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I Learn from Watching the Olympic

I am like the rest of America, cheering for my home teams in the Olympic 2008. Why not, right? I am patriotic to my country! I get mad when my players were cheated the gold medal, like in the case of the best gymnast-Nastia Liukin-when the scores were tie.

What I learn though, through disappointment, and unfairness, this beautiful soul is more than just an Olympic gymnast; she is a teacher in her own right!

Accept the outcome
How the scores broke down, and why Nastia was robbed the gold medal totally depending on the judges. They did their part-hopefully with good conscience-to pass on the decision.

The expressions on this young woman's face showed that she was not happy, but she accepted the outcome! Gracefully embrace the second medal, she smiled occasionally.

Have a positive reaction

What I learn from this young woman is from her positive attitude. She knew she had given her best, had reach beyond limits, and the outcome was not up to her.

With this positive reaction, she gained the whole world's attention. People knew she was robbed, and they all feel for her.

Be a good role model

I don't think Nastia realized that she is a role model for all athletes. Instead of throwing a tantrum, she comforted herself with the gold medal from the last competition.

This young woman makes her country proud, not only by her Olympic medals, but simply by showing the best sportsmanship to the world.



  1. Loved this post. We work so hard but often things are not fruitful, but the real challenge lies in accepting the way it finally comes out.
    Cheers to Nastia, she is so inspiring. Beautifully thought and written. Well done Icy !~

  2. Thank you Bali for your support!


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