Friday, August 29, 2008

Things To Do in Metro Detroit for Less Than Five Dollars

Living frugal is the name of the game in these day and age. Many people are forced to find alternative ways to stretch their hard earned money.

While parents are scrambled to save, the children still need an occasional treat to entertainment them.

Metro Park

If you have an annual sticker, you will get in for free. However, you can pay $7 dollars for the day and enjoy many free activities such as the Squirt Zone for the kids, Nature Trail, picnic area, swimming beach, play zone, watching the boats, and fishing.

Okay, I hear you: $7 dollars is more than $5 bucks, not under. Well, look around your car, how many people are there? Divide the numbers and suddenly your $7 dollars are now less than $5 bucks per person!

Although you can't go swimming, or using the squirt zone after Labor Day, the board walk and nature trail are open for all seasons.

Museums, Science Centers, and Children Art Centers
Residents can get museum, science center, and children art centers passes, up to four, for free. Go to your library, pick out what and where you want to go, bring the pass to the librarian, and check out.

These activities are absolutely free. All you have to pay is gasoline to get there. What is better than free?

Macomb Mall and Universal Mall

Tired of being outdoor, and seeing museums? Escape to the movie at these two malls. You won't find new releases, but you will sure find a movie to enjoy.

These second-run theatres cost a fraction of the prize at $2 dollars per ticket before 6:00 P.M. and $2.50 after that. Better yet, it's only $1 dollar for all shows on Tuesday.

To maximize your money, stop by Little Ceasar Pizza, and pick up a large pepperoni for only $5 dollar to feed your family. Eat before you go in the theatre to cut out on snacking.

There are many things to do under $5 dollars if you do some research in your area. Take advantage of these offers if you can, and while they are still affordable.



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