Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coping With High Energy Bills

It is getting harder to save money in today's economy. The cost of living is much higher nowadays, everyone is determined to cut down more in more areas of their lives now than ever before.

As a single parent I have to always look for ways to save money. My heat bill in the winter is astronomical, and to keep my energy bill under control, I apply these tips below.

Cutting Down on Heat Bill
  • Turn your thermostat down to 60 degree! For every degree you dial down, you will save 3% on your heat bill.
  • If no one is at home for more than 5 hours, set it at 55 degree.
  • Set your water heater at 115 -120 degree, since your water heater is accounted for 14% of your gas bill.
  • Clean your dryer lint trap to improve circulation. Better yet, use a brush to clean it twice a year. You might not be able to see the build up on the lint trap, but if you run it under water, you can see it drains very slowly.
  • Change the filter in your furnace to optimize efficiency.
  • Fix all crack around siding, windows, and doors to prevent drafts.
  • Wash your clothes in warm water instead of hot, and you can reduce your heat bill down to half. If you have to wash in hot water, use cold for rinse cycle.
  • If you can live with plastic film on your windows, install it and cut down your heat bill.
  • Pull your shades, draperies, and blinds to keep the house warm.
  • Invest in insulation for your craw space, attic, or basement
.Cutting Down on Electric Bill
  • Change all lighting fixtures to high energy efficient bulbs.
  • Unplug all electrical outlets in un-used rooms. Keeping them plug in will only run up your bill.
  • Turn off lights where no one is using.
  • Open up your blinds or shades to let sunlight in, instead of using electric.
  • Unplug hair dryer, shaver, electric tooth brush, and curler in the bathroom until you need to use them.
  • Set automatic timer to your coffee maker, toaster, and microwave to turn off during the night, and back on for the day.
  • Use your automatic timer for your entertaining system also in case you forget to unplug them for the night.
  • Check your garage or shed, and unplug electric tools that are not in use.
  • Install a sensor light by your entrance. The light will turn on when there is movement!
Getting family members to cooperate in saving energy will take a little used to. However, if you keep insisting on "turn the light off" or "close that door tight behind you", they will adopt it into a good habit.



  1. Where do you get your pictures? They are gorgeous.

    My dryer broke about a month ago and I haven't replaced it. I hand dry all my clothes for now. Waiting to see if there is a change in the electric bill, plus I use those energy bulbs :)

  2. These are all great ideas. Lowering my thermostat down to 60 degrees would be a challenge for me. I’ll experiment over the weekend, but I’m afraid I may freeze (I do recognize my heat is a luxury).

  3. I like your idea of turning down the heating when you're out of the house for a length of time. I've got energy efficient light bulbs all over the house, and I've stopped using my dryer whenever I can air dry my laundry. If I do use my dryer, I try to use it after midnight when electricity is cheaper.

  4. Hi Teresa--I found the pictures on Flickr.com. I love that site! I hope my dryer lasts for a while, since I still have small children to take care of. Hopefully, you can see a significant lower bill.

    Hi Stacey,
    Yes, 60 degree for you and me is kinda crazy, giving the fact that we are in colder weather..I'm at 65 degree right now, or else I'll freeze too!

    Hi Dabrah,
    That's awesome that electricity went lower after midnight. I wish we have similar program in the US, because I am willing to stay up to do my laundry, and save some money.

  5. I try and do most of these already although I am with Stacey on the 60 degrees. The biggest challenge is getting the kids onboard. I tell them I want one master switch for the whole house so every night I can flip it and shut the whole house down. Seems like I am always running around switching off lights.

  6. Dave,

    It took a while for it to sink in to my children too. Automatic timers save me from having to say it all the time..Thanks Dave for dropping by!

  7. love your tips. we co many of them in the house...


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