Friday, October 17, 2008

Do You Want to Grow Old Gracefully?

Growing old is not a problem, but looking older than your age is! No one likes that, especially for women. We can fight this, not by using Botox, surgery, or face lift, but by natural ways.

Change Your Habits for Glowing Skin

Your bad habits have a lot to do with your look! Smoking, drinking, and over eating contribute to your skin elasticity. Sun bathing is also damaging to your health. You will find a few tips in this article to have a glowing skin.

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Set aside some free period of time to read this article on Prevention website, or you can even bookmark it to come back at a later day. It gives you 100 tips for hair, skin, eyes, smile, body, face, to hands to try out. You can work on one area at a time to fit in with your schedule.

Whatever it takes, from changing habits, to using creams, to eat healthy, we should try to keep looking younger than our age. What can be better than that?



  1. Hey...thanks for putting up a list of useful resources on how to look young without having to resort to anything invasive. I'd like to think that it is possible to do so in the most natural way.

  2. Hi Evelyn--Thanks for your kind visit and comment..It's a wonderful feeling to have support!

    Hi Teresa--Thanks for checking me out here :-)

  3. Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to look younger. I reckon guys are entitled to this too right?

    Wei Liang

  4. I'm with Wei on this one - guys ARE entitled too!! Even though I'm starting to get some grey hair, and maybe a few wrinkles, I have really found that proper exercise and nutrition have made me look and feel much younger than I was a few short years ago when I didn't take care of myself very good.

    Anyway, good stuff here today!

  5. Thanks Wei Liang and Lance for stopping by!

    Guys too are entitled to look younger naturally!

  6. Wow, so many great tips. Thanks for putting up a link to mine as well. You're the best!

  7. hehe - i don't have any problems on that department, just yet. but the answer to the question is yes.


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