Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I Work At Home Without Going Insane

I've been working at home for the past two years. I write. I babysit. I translate paperwork. I pay bills. I take care of my kids. I cook. I clean. I do the many things that others don't. I say this because I'm a single mom, which means I have double duties. That's all!

However, many people think that since I work at home, I have all the time in the world, and that I don't have anything to do. Remarks such as: "What do you do all day at home? Aren't you bored? Since you don't have to go to work, can you do this or can you do me a favor?" are all very familiar to me.

To these types of people, they haven't a fainted idea what it takes to work at home. I have a very rigid schedule to keep myself sane, and also be productive.

Morning Routine/Rituals

  • Wake up at 5:30 A.M.
  • Drink my coffee
  • Answer emails
  • Check out friends' articles
  • Comment on articles/blogs
  • Go over the list of chores
  • Make breakfast
  • Take the older kids to school
  • Clean up the morning mess
Afternoon Routine

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After dropped off the older kids at school, I have about two hours to work on a post or an article. Sometimes, if I have translation jobs to do, I must get the paperwork done. When it comes to this area, I must remind myself to be flexible, and mix things up.

Then depending on the weather, I either rake leaves, shovel snow, or cut the grass. Before noon, I have to drop my preschooler at school, and run back home to catch up with my unfinished chores.

Yes, in between, I squeeze in eating! Multitasking is the name of the game in my life! By three o'clock, I am on the road picking up three kids, from three different locations.

Evening Rush

Once the kids are home, there are school papers to check out, homework to be done, dinner needs to be on the table, drive to soccer practices/games, wait, dinner time, bath time, bed time, and I'm tired to the bones.

My evening usually goes by without a word written! Yet, people work away from home, and including married stay-at-home moms mock that my life is boring, or that I have nothing to do.

My Solutions

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  • Ignore the ignorance remarks
  • Stay Focus
  • Make a daily activities schedule, but be flexible for changes
  • Do what works out for me and my family
  • Keep my dream alive in my mind
  • Say my prayer
  • Count my blessings
To stay sane, I rely on a daily list, and a calendar. These are my tools, an old fashion way to keep track of things in my life. I also have my list of goals for the week, and I learn to focus on what works for me.


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  1. hats off to you, Icy! you are the epitome of a mother, and a woman with a will of her own. nothing like an organized day to get everything done. you are right for ignoring what other people say. how can they even mind other people's businesses - they are probably the ones who loaf around and don't get things done.


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