Thursday, October 2, 2008

Long Post or Short Post?

So now that I have covered two topics: "Friends" and "Identity", I'd like to share what I think about the length of the post.

We all have preference in what we want to read, and how long we want to stick around on a certain page. Speaking from my personal view, I am very impatience in the "waiting" area, something that I should work on, really!

Many Things to Consider Before Deciding on the Length of Your Post

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on the length of your post will help you find the balance.
  • What do you like to see when you reach that blog or website?
  • Is the page load fast enough?
  • Is the page clutter with advertisements?
  • Did you read the whole article? Or did you just scan through it?
  • How do you feel about the length of that post: too short, or too long?
How Informative is Your Post?

Put yourself in your readers' shoes, and consider these:
  • Do you understand what the post is all about?
  • Have you give enough information, or resources?
  • Are you learning something from the post?
  • How would your readers feel after reading the post?
  • Is the post stimulating enough to keep readers around?
What Did the Readers Get Out of Your Post?

Before hitting the send or publish button, again ask yourself these questions:
  • Are your readers entertained?
  • Is the post educating or informative about the subject?
  • Are your readers aware of the topic that you're covering?
  • Is your blog or post attractive, simple, easy on the eyes, and inviting for readers to hang around?
  • Is the post give enough "breaks" throughout?
I know what I like to see on a website, and these questions make up an important impact on my decision to stay, or to click on to a different site. I don't mind reading a long post if it is interesting, teaching me something, giving me another viewpoint, or entertaining me in some ways.

So long post or short post? I saw success in both--long and short--posts on many different blogs. If your readers are used to read your long post, then keep it that way, and if your reader like short post, then tailor to them.

Do it from your heart! Do what feels right to you! After all, you're the one that has to live with it!



  1. Well, you already know that I prefer short. :)

    As long as the message is clear, I do prefer short posts.

    I think readers scan long posts anyway.

    Thank you for the link!

  2. Thank you vered..You're so kind to visit me!

  3. Very good post Icy. I liked it.. though somewhere (I skipped) ;) Uuusshh. ! You really tested my patience.. I too like them short.. but I guess it depends upon your interest.. as long as the post keeps your interest.. you stick to it..else you love to scan.. !~)

  4. Thanks bali..You're right, it is so easy to just scan through, so the post has to be interesting!

  5. Thanks for the link. I didn't even see it until after I stumbled this and was about to write my comment, so thank you so much! This is a great post and personally I like a mix of long and short. But as you say if you're going to go long, you have to break the content up into sections and you also need to consider your subject. I think anythign that is too emotionally heavy or dense and informative/educational needs to maybe be a series, rather than an epic post. I did this with my How I Lost 9kg and Still Ate Chocolate Cake posts. I tried to do one article, but it was so long and I couldn't cut it back that I went the other way and lengthened it and made it a series. It was very popular, so you have to really think about how important your text is. If you don't want to cut back, go for multiple posts.

    Anyway, I've raved on enough now so good work on this one.

    Kelly :)

  6. Thank you Kelly for your support and generosity on bookmarking this post!

    Your kindness mean a great deal to me! Thanks again!

  7. I'm all about the short post (most of the time). My current post is my longest yet!


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