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Reach for Life Balance

Stacey, at Create a Balance, called for a group writing project on Life Balance, which is a great idea, and has my head spinning these last few days.

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I have always tried to find ways to balance my life, whether it is work, home, or my own responsibilities. We all have so many roles to fill, from being a parent, a daughter/son, a sister/brother, a friend, to being an employee.

Each role we play has its own hiccups. We learn to weave out the good and the bad, and then some how try to find balance in order for us to be able to live with.

So What is Life Balance?

This is a tough question! I know what I want, and I know what works for me, but to give it a definition, I have to dig deeper. For me, life is balance when gives and takes, yes and no, happiness and sadness, meet somewhere close to the middle.

Why Do You Need Life Balance?

I need life balance to be a better person. Without balance, life would be a total chaos in all aspects of my human being. My emotional will be drained. My physical will be vulnerable to illness. My mental stage will be depleted.

How I Practice Life Balance

I practice life balance by paying attention to my own being, listen to what my body tells me, and do something that I love. For example, I give all my energy in taking care of my children, and when that energy runs low, I give myself permission to soak in a hot bath, without guilt. When my body is tired, I take ten minutes for a short nap.

What I Incorporate Into Life Balance?
  • Love oneself
  • Love others
  • Accepting life as is
  • Having faith
  • Do one thing that I like every day
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Learn something new every day
  • Reach beyond limitations
  • Take time to count my blessings
  • Develop appreciation for people and things around me
What are the Characteristics of Someone Practicing the Art of Life Balance?
  • Calmness
  • Easy going with a touch of happiness
  • See the difference between big problem, and small one
  • Accepting one's own situation, and find contentment from it
  • Flexible in dealing with the unexpected
  • Take life as it is, and try to make it better

The Essential Components of Life Balance

The essential components of life balance include: prioritize, discipline, scheduling, self-forgiving, contentment, happiness, giving yourself a pat on the back, be gentle with inner critic, and have compassion.

What Does Life Balance Mean to You?

Having life balance prevents me from burning out, preserve the person that I am, and enable me to embrace all living things around me. I can give myself freely, but also be selfish when needed too.

This is what life balance means to me! It is not perfect, but I am working on it every day. Life is constantly changing, even from day to day; therefore, I must also learn to go with the changes rather than against them.



  1. I LOVE THIS POST! YEAH! Thank you so much for participating. I really like your list of characteristics of someone practicing the art of life balance. Calmness! I know we can't be calm all the time, but it does help us manage our sense of self.

  2. I also wanted to let you know that I just added you to my blog roll.

  3. Great article. Life balance to me is balancing between work and family. Never neglect your family for work which is like what you say "love others"

    Wei Liang

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for your kind words. I just love the idea of group writing project for bloggers. What a great way to get connect.

    Hi Wei Liang,

    Thank you for your visit and generous words!

  5. Nice post! It is important to have life balance. I'd go cranky if something is out of whack with me!

  6. Thanks Evelyn for your visit! Yes, I am the same way too!

  7. Well done! You have reached much more balance in your life than I have!

  8. Thank you Dave! You can achieve balance too if you work on it a little at a time...

  9. Hi bc doan,

    I loved your articles and its pics too. I love your unique expression of life balance. It felt healthy and full of acceptance.

  10. Anonymous,

    How very kind of you with your comment! You've just made my day (I have a big grin on my face, right now!)

    Thank you so much...


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