Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Writing with a Pen Name or Real Name?

Many writers prefer to use their real names! After all, who would not like the glory of a successful journey crediting to one own authentic self?

When I first started to write articles for the internet, I preferred to use a pen name for security reasons, such as identity theft, and safety concerns. It always is scary to think that you can find anybody in the world with just a click of the button.

Male or Female?

If you decide using a pen name, here is a question: do you want to be a man or a woman author? Many studies shown that readers/viewers favor man more than woman. They are less harsh on attacking male authors than they are toward female authors.

It's always amazed me to read nasty comments, name calling, degrading remarks, or questioning a woman's choice toward the topic covered. Rarely do I see the same comments made on male's articles. Yes, I received quite a few of those in my life time!

Here are some possibilities:
  • Women are more sensitive to their feelings
  • Women won't attack back
  • It is easier to assume that women have no credibility
  • It is an unfair world after all
  • Sexism and inequality still exist
What is In a Name?

The name you decide on is the brand you choose! It is what people recognized! There are many things to consider when deciding on using a pen name or your real name. It goes from being a female or male, to something unique, easy to pronounce, or easy to remember by readers.

Another thing to consider is racist comments. If your real name or pen name is not familiar with the population of the country you live in, there will be those that nip and rip at your articles, no matter what!

The Benefits of Using a Pen Name

  • No one knows who you are, including family and friends
  • Freedom to express your feelings and opinions without worrying
  • Keep your private life safe
  • You can choose a different gender without surgery
The Benefits of Using Your Real Name

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  • Your family and friends will recognize you and support your work
  • Stay true to who you are
I have experienced with both pen name and real name! I like both. When I want to express a personal view, I use a pen name to avoid conflict if I know my opinion would be taking in a wrong direction. Otherwise, I will use my own name.

The choice is yours! Exam your comfort level, and do what feel rights for yourself. Have you experienced using a pen name? What is your take in this matter?



  1. I always knew that I would go with my real name. Never doubted it. So far, no regrets.

  2. I think there's room for both, since they can serve different purposes. Sometimes I use my real name, and sometimes a pen name.

  3. I've found that as writers sometimes we reach deep within ourselves and share emotions that are raw. Generally someone else might be involved in some of that heart wrenching pain and may object to having anyone made aware of their part in the emotional wreckage. At those times it may be helpful to use a pen name, but then one would have to be so careful that no one found out...If it's just our personal heart ache, we can risk it.
    BC, I don't care which name you choose, I love your style!

    Take care & God bless.

  4. Great post. There really is NO harm when providing your real name on the internet. I have been writing on the internet with my Real name since 2002, no one has bothered me, found me, or banged my door down. LOL!

    Nobody wants little old me as a writer. I am NOT Stephen King or Danielle Steele.

    PLUS - I NEVER reveal where I live, to me that is more scarier than anything else.

    I like pen names myself. I want to write a book one day with a Pseudonym for sure. It seems mysterious and fun.

    "Stephen King" is not Stephen King.

  5. Thanks everybody for your feedback! It's good to know different opinions!

  6. I considered using a pen name when I first started out…but determined that it wouldn’t feel authentic. I’m happy that I’m using my real name. It makes me feel bold and daring.

  7. Thanks Stacey! Be bold and daring are something I have to work on!

  8. I like using my real name. Maybe it's because I started doing this and have just continued'

  9. I use my first name (real name) - but was reluctant at first to open myself up very much on the internet - not sure really how much I wanted to be discovered by people who already knew me. But what I've found as I went along - is that I am comfortable with who I am - and I'm ok if others "find out". It's been a process for me.

  10. Lance, I agree that we must be comfortable with what name we decide upon! Thanks for dropping by!

  11. i'm using my real name, for now, at least...


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