Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dot Com vs. Blogspot

Before starting this blog, I read, and read, and read on everything about blogging. I found some very inspiring posts, followed their journey, and watched them achieved their dreams.

Hence, the force of "just do it" was behind my motivation! So what if I do it and fail? So what if I never see my dream soars? Those doubtful thoughts can't even hold me back from having my own blog.

After deciding on blogging, the next dose of questions arose! Again, I read, and read, and read to find a balance or something that will work for me, and best for my situation.

Dot Com, No Thanks!

More than half of the articles that I've read, suggested owning a dot com domain if you want people to take you seriously. Some bloggers with a dot com domain even admitted that the URL was the first thing they look at, and how turned off they were if it was not a dot com! Now, excuse me but that is extremely shallow!

The URL has nothing to do with the content of the post! If the post is great, informative, entertaining, or inspiring, why focus on the URL for dot com or not? Are we judging people for what they wear? Are we looking for perfectly made-up superstars? Isn't there ground for absolutely everyday bloggers to succeed without bells and whistle? Where is the difference between one great post on a dot com domain to one great post on a free host?

You are reading the post, are you not? You are not starring at the URL at the very top of the page all this time, are you?

Blogspot, Embrace Me!

After taking many things into consideration, I chose Blogspot to host my blog! Free for the people, normal, everyday John and Jan! I have also seen many successful Blogspot dot com blogs.

It goes to show that success comes with hard work and persistent, not brand name or dot com name. Those that can afford the dot com domain, more power to you! Those that want to make use of free host, there is nothing wrong with it either!

Why I like Blogspot

  • It is easy to use
  • It is free
  • You don't have to be a pro to have a blog
  • There are so many wonderful templates and gadgets
  • Create your own world
  • It's my playground
I like Blogspot dot com over LiveJournal, and other free blogging hosts. I give the credit to Blogspot dot com for making it possible for many people to start their dreams or giving them a canvas to paint on.

For me, there should be no different between dot com or blogspot dot com! If I read a post on a dot com domain, and have the thought "shoo...this is on a dot com, what a turn off", then I am a hypocrite!

So if you read, enjoy the post, enjoy the thoughts, enjoy reading! Don't go looking for that dot com domain to judge whether it has any weight or not!



  1. Very good post Icy. I completely agree with you. Weblogs(specially blogger) are better than a website. Free, easy to use and it gives you so many great tools. Hope this post helps in changing many people's mindset !!

  2. Bali--Thank you for supporting my idea. It's a shame that pro bloggers think blogspot dot com is not mounting as much weight!


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