Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pay Attention to How You Surf the Web Can Actually Help

Upon paying closer attention to my habits when surfing the internet, I have some questions to ask below.
  • How long do you stay on a certain site?
  • Do you actually read the content? Or are you scanning it through?
  • What irritates you?
  • How do you feel when you first arrive on a web page?
  • What are your first impressions of the site?
  • Do you browse through the website if you like it?
  • Do you wait around for the page to load or you click on to a different one?
  • Do you prefer long post or short post?

My habits are terrible, I admit! It seems that every time I am online, I'm in a frantic rush to get things done. My attention is scattered in hundred different directions!

What I Do When I Surf the Web
  • I don't have patient to wait for the page to load
  • I like clean design
  • I don't like scrolling down to read the content. This is the biggest turn off for me!
  • Ads at the top of the page is an automatic thumb down
  • I will actually take time to browse the site if I like its uncluttered design
  • I prefer to read medium length post
  • I scan for the main ideas on long post, especially when there are no pictures
  • Pop up ad is the most irritating thing to me
  • I strongly dislike: "If you are new here, please subscribe to..." at the top of the post. (I'm new so I don't even know if I like the site yet, why should I subscribe?)
  • I especially offended by this: "StumbleUpon users, thumb this up!" (What if I am not a StumbleUpon user? What if I don't think the post deserves a thumb up? When I read this, I want to just thumb it down! I restrain myself and go on though...)
Image by kayodeok

Why Paying Closer Attention When Surfing the Web Helps Me
  • I choose a cleaner design for my blog
  • Flashing ads are not the first sign readers will see
  • I keep my post within a reasonable length
  • I use photos in my post
  • My content is the main focus when the a viewer arrives
  • No pop up ads, ever!!!
  • I need readers, viewers, subscribers, but "thumb this up if you are a StumbleUpon users", or "subscribe to me if you are new here" won't be a part of my post content.
  • I will provide the bookmarking sites and the subscribe options, but they won't be obnoxious or demanding.
I know, this is only my opinion-one person, actually! There are millions, trillions people out there. I wonder how many people are like me. How do you surf the net? If you know your habits when surfing the web, does it help you when you are creating your post?



  1. For me it's about a clean design and content that jumps out at me. Your blog does both!

  2. Oh Stacey, you are so kind! Thank you very much for your support!

  3. If I were to have a blog, I think the layout would have a clean and simple look similar to yours. I would also try to find attractive, meaningful images like you do. And, I enjoy your conversational style of writing which seems to come naturally to you. Your blog is a pleasure to read.

  4. Diane C.

    I'm beyond honored with your generous comment, and kind words. It gives me such a huge smile and brighten up my day!

    Thank you so very much!


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