Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why oh Why?

This is what my inbox from my accounts look like every day:
  • Add me as friend
  • I have new content for you
  • How much do you make?
  • Help me out here, I'm new!
  • Read my articles and comment please!
  • Thumb this up and pass them to your friends
  • Here is my friend's link, review it and pass them on
  • Read my new book, I appreciate it

At first, and still is sometimes, I feel obligated to response to these requests. I make my rounds and check out newcomers, articles, and photos. I answer questions, and give advices to the people that asked for specific areas. Then, I found out that I have accomplished nothing for myself at all. I couldn't even write one post, or article, or poem!

Now, I just want to blow my top! Come on people! Is my life not worth living? Am I sitting around and wait for you to tell me what to do? When I'm online, I shouldn't do my things, but just what you've sent to me? Oh wait, I have to use all my free time and pass your links around too! Whoa...thanks for turning me into a SPAMMER, too!

Why I Am Not Going to Response Anymore

  • I am not going to add you as friend if you haven't take time to check out my work! Why should I add you as friend when we are total strangers? Just because you sent me a message tell me to add you as friend, that I will just do so! Friendship is a two ways street!
  • If you have new content for me, I also have new content for you! Go read them, leave comments, and I will return your kindness! By the way, I didn't ask for your new content, and definitely your new content is not for me!
  • How much do I make writing is my very personal business! Whatever I make, didn't hand it to me on a platter. I work my butt off for it! I won't tell, and it is distasteful!
  • If you are new to a site, I once was too! What do you need help with? An instruction booklet or hold my hand and I will take you to the top? Spend your own time and learn then. I have a life to live too!
  • Read your articles and comments? No thanks, I have better things to do! I need my bread and butter just like you! Hey, what about read my articles and comments? You didn't think of that, did you? Only you are important, right?
  • Thumb this up and pass them to your friends! Sure, why not? I got online just to do your errands right? Your post is so important to you, that you didn't even bother to check out anything on my blog, and just kept on sending every freaking post you have!
  • Well, that is not enough that you are sending your own posts, now it is for your friend too! Double duties for me! Wee ha...Where is my pay check? With all the time that I spent doing your errands, and now your friend's errand, who is going to pay me? Oh wait, free labor! My mistake is to add you to my friend's list...Remove, remove, blocked!

The internet, and social media sites are great, but do take time and common sense to be part of the circle! I don't have time to carry everyone up the ladder. I have my own things to do, and I'm doing it on my own. Before you can walk, you have to crawl! That's how people who have respect for themselves do it!
  • Use common sense and think about what you are asking a total stranger to do
  • Stop sending links and ask your friends to send them around
  • Have a little respect for other people's time, and wishes
  • Be a friend first and always
  • In any relationship, give and take should be close to the middle
Now you know how I feel about receiving messages or links to my inbox! I'm probably stepping on a few toes, but face it, there isn't enough time in the day to satisfy all, if I still want to live my life, and I do!



  1. Very interesting post Icy..lol :) how much do you make? Review my friend's link and pass it on, turning me into spammer.. I really enjoyed it. You 're very true, at times being selfish is the best thing to do. Live your life and make yourself happy. Though the image by Ai Q describes everything.. but great sense of humor.. Well done Icy.

  2. K Bali--I'm glad you get a laugh out of it! It's frustrating when I kept getting those messages. It seems that there is no common sense left in this world!

  3. This is so true Icy. New writers seem to think that because they see your name on the front page that you have some kind of magic wand. Well done.

  4. Hi lanne--Thank you for your understanding, and comment!

  5. I agree with this BC (I hope I'm not guilty of this. Am I?)

    I often reply to queries like these with a polite message saying that we're all equally important, so if you expect to be read, others do too.

    I'm glad you've said it for all of us!

  6. Hi Anne--You're definitely not in this category! We actually have a relationship as friends..

  7. I'm laughing b/c I feel your pain. I have a very difficult time balancing my own need to write with doing my rounds on the blogosphere. It is hard enough to find the time to comment on blogs that I want to read (like your blog)!

  8. Stacey--You wouldn't believe how many people adding me as friend, and as soon as I add them back, I receive like 50 links to their blog, and articles, including all the posts from when their blog began.

    When I confronted this person, he said he isn't looking for stumble, and on he sent me his friend's link, and asked me to pass around...

    I had to draw the line and remove him from my friend list, but oh it's not done yet, he send his link as a message to my inbox, so I had no choice but using the block button! It's sad that this person has no respect or concern toward others!


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