Thursday, December 18, 2008

If You Are a Writer, Are You Also a Con-Artist?

What is a con-artist? Upon looking for synonyms of the word, this is what it means: fraud, pretender, fake, impostor, counterfeit, swindler, and quack!

After my article “How to Drive More Traffic to Your Article” was published, a Triond user sent a message to my inbox calling me “an excellent con-artist!” At first, it upsets me, so I contacted Nelson Doyle, a writer with an expertise on marketing issues, and with his advice, I took that assault in a new way.

I wrote back to this attacker, and sent my best wishes to him/her. See, I do not even know this person, and why he/she took his/her frustration out on me. However, the word “Con-artist” stuck in my head, and I realized that in a way, we are all con-artists because we are writers!

Why Are We Con-Artists?

As content producers, we try to convey an idea. We entertain, we educate, we inform, and we bring awareness. All of our ideas must begin somewhere! Something intrigues us, gives us that thrive to turn into words and we write!

When writing that article, I did not want to fool people, especially, when I did not design those websites. They are out there for us to utilize, and they are quite popular for webmasters to use to get indexed.

My purpose was to bring awareness to these websites, and help others tried to get more views for their articles. Not everything we submitted will yield the same result!

So if I write to con people in believing or doing something, I am a con-artist. This applies to the rude person, who is also a writer! Otherwise, why would he/she write?

Whose Ideas Have You Stolen?

This article was written by Louie Jerome, and she pointed out many important areas to think about. If you haven’t read this yet, I recommend you do!

Many people recycle the same ideas from other writers without proper credit to those authors! Some even went as far as using the titles, or words from articles that were on the Hot Content, and in rare cases, use similar avatar from the Hot Users list for their own gain to confuse people.

Louie is right, if you pay attention to what is hot on the Hot Content list, a week or so later, there are many more articles on the same subject appear!

So Are We Con-Artists?

At this rate, I believe so! We are all con-artists because we are lacking originality, and we race to mass produce as many as we can to earn money. I also have seen my own articles duplicated with only a few different sentences on the same publishing site. Yes, we are con-artists, and our publisher allows us to do just so.

In the end, I embrace the term “con-artist” as it serves as a wake up call.



  1. Hi I find this an intriguing article Thanks Geri

  2. Well said Icy ! I read your article when it was listed in the hot content and saw people giving great response. May be, some people try to vent out their frustrations that way. Great post!

  3. Hi Geri--Thank you for your continuing support. Friends like you sure make the world a better place to live!

    Hi k bali--You are one of the best online friends I have..I really appreciate your support!


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