Thursday, December 4, 2008

Movie to Watch: Cinderella Man

My oldest son introduced me to this movie last year, and I have since watched it three more times. It is a beautiful story, and is also fitting now with our economy as we are in a recession!

Without revealing too much, this story is about a family trying to go through the hardest time in their life. They try to hold their family together, and keep the children fed!

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James Braddock (Russell Crowe) shows love and devotion for his family, who also is an inspiring figure for his community. If he makes it, other people will too! So they all believe in his ability to show the world that anyone can make a different!

While James is out in the world looking for a way to support his family, Mae Braddock (Rene Zellweger) does her best in making ends meet, until she has to decide to give her children a better chance to survive.

I'm not sure where our society is heading nowadays, and many people are facing a terrible gloomy future as jobs are not available to find! Houses become empty overnight here, where I live, and people are disappearing! If you have a chance to relax this weekend, rent this movie and watch with your family. Although I'm not into boxing, I was able to look pass it to really admire the strength, courage, and devotion of James Braddock. I also relate to the anguish feelings of Mae Braddock as she endures the pain that her husband had to go through for the family. Keep your hopes high! Keep your love alive! Keep your family in your heart!



  1. I haven't seen the entire film, but I watched most of it and it's in keeping with the times right now. A good film to watch for anyone who's currently struggling in the slippery economy.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I'm so glad that you and I sharing the same feelings for this movie! This film does give us some hope!


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