Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop Your Whining and Start Working

I am a long time reader/writer at Triond, Associated Content, Helium, Constant Content, and many other websites. I read a variety of articles, poems, viewing pictures and also videos. I have not come across a website that has so many whiners as Triond has!

Many new comers complain about not being recognized, not making enough money, and not getting views! They have not a slightest idea of what it takes to be a writer, and they want everything to hand it to them on a platter! Come on, reality bites!

Why a Certain Articles Are on the Hot Content, or Feature Articles

I know my way around social bookmarking sites, and let me tell you, I can find out why the articles are on the Hot Content, and where those articles are getting picked up! So they are there for a reason, and here are some:
  • They appeal to a mass audience, not just from Triond users!
  • Well presented, and well timing
  • Enticing to readers
  • Got picked up by big Web Sites such as Life Hacker, Digg, or Yahoo
  • They received thousands of views or more in a few hours
  • Key words matters
  • Promoting to the right media
Stop Bashing Your Publishers

Lately, what I have read from Triond’s new users are complaining, whining, and blaming the publisher for not putting their articles on the Hot Content.

Put yourself in the publishers’ shoes, and ask yourself which article you published should be on the Hot Content? How in the world are your publishers going to know what articles should be on the Hot Content and what not?

My opinion, the publisher did what is FAIR, and placed the articles WITH THE MOST VIEWS there!

Now, take this problem to Associated Content, Constant Content, or Helium for an example, who are you going to complain to? Associate Content and Constant Content would not even bother to publish this sort of nonsense. As for Helium, your article may even get rated at the bottom!

Recognition comes with hard work! You can’t demand for recognition just because you’ve just written a master piece! Again, think in term of real life!

Another Example Using Blogging as a Discussion

Here, let’s take a look at blogging. You started a blog, you wrote a killer content, and you thought your blog will go viral, but reality hit: you only got a few reads, and received only a couple comments. Now, how are you going to demand recognition? To whom are you going to put blame on?

It does not work that way! You will have to sit down and find a way to get the words out to your blog. You will have to spend endless hours submitting your blog to bookmarking sites, join blog directories, leave comment on other blogs, and advertise your blog to the world in order to get the desired result! You will have to work long and hard to receive what you deserve.

Put Your Frustration Away, and Start to Do the Work

For as long as I have read those Hot Users’ articles, none of them have written any complain, or demand recognition, or whining about not making it on the list! They actually do the work of writing, and bookmarking their articles. Even then, not every of their articles will make it to the Hot Content either.

Online writing is exactly like the publishing business in the real world. Only a few will make it! Think about that!

Conclusion and Suggestions

I have seen some people published five to ten poems or picture a day! It seems like every thought they have, or every picture they take, they are published. In the eyes of a reader, I have some suggestions below.
  • Look at the picture you want to publish, ask yourself: is it artistic, appealing, or overall a good picture?
  • Your poem: is it carefully chosen words, describe a feeling, situation, or give readers an image they can relate to?
  • When you mass publishing, ask yourself: how many friends of yours will be able to read them or view them or comment on them all? Do people stop living and just wait for your publication?
  • Where are you going to bookmark all your items? Most social bookmarking sites will only allow a few!
  • Quality outweighs quantity!
  • Bestsellers work their bottom off to promote their work, what makes you different? You want recognition because a few of your friends think your work is great? If this is the case, have your friends published your work, pay you, and put you on a pedestal then.
Stop whining, complaining, demanding, and start working! One or two articles on the Hot Content or Feature Article is not going to put you in Earnest Hemingway or Emily Dickenson level!



  1. BC, You're so right and these advice make sense...when I wrote the seven deadly habits at triond-- i didn't intend to complain, I was just trying to help other writers to recognized other works.

    Anyway, these surely helps...!!! Stop whining and do the work--Good point.

  2. Hi Mys,

    I will check out the article you mention...helping others is totally different from whining and complaining..

    Best wishes for the New Year!

  3. You are so right. I hate the pictures of people's friends' aunties' dog's cousin. Not everything is print worthy.

    I've seen aweful poems and 10-word poems. I wonder why triond publishes those things.

    Great post.

  4. Anne--I also wonder the same! Triond definitely needs to enforce some standards.

    Best wishes for the New Year!


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