Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Are All Fascinating People

Barbara Walter usually hosts the 10 most fascinating people as the year coming to an end, and these people are the rich, the famous, and the high-power! Now, ask these questions:

  • Why are they fascinating?
  • If they are not rich, famous, run in political champagne, would they be fascinating?
  • Would we know who they are?
  • What is so fascinating about them?
  • How is it fascinating?

Yet, her show often brings in millions of viewers! Her guesses are movie stars, millionaires, and this year of course, Sarah Palin! Go figure!

The idea of "fascinating people" bugs me! You may say I'm a poor loser! A sore "low life"! Those are all true; I'm poor! I can't live in the public eyes! I don't know people in high places to boost my existence.

However, poor people are fascinating too, but you wouldn't hear about them, would you? Would Barbara Walter wander the street of a poor neighborhood learning or looking for fascinating people who live life with just a few dollars a day? Would she finds the homeless people who slept under the bridge bypass fascinating? Nope, they are not glamorous enough for her!

Whatever labeled these people as "fascinating", they have all the necessities to drive them there.

  • Having tons of money helps with luck and connections.
  • Having people like Barbara Walter and Oprah put them in the spot light.
  • One pair of their shoes, na--let's just say their nail polish, can pay someone's mortgage
  • One of their pictures is worth enough money to build a whole torn down neighborhood.

So why are they the only kind that is fascinating? It would be a heartwarming episode if Barbara Walter does a series of fascinating misfortunate humans. I can recommend some people for her interview:
  • A soldier who is dealing with physical pain as well as mental pain every day.
  • An old man who has to drink to combat the freezing temperature every night under the bridge.
  • A single parent who works two to three jobs in order to support their family.
  • Victims of rape, and victims of natural disasters, who have to try to put their life back together.
  • Elderly people who are left in nursing home, and who suffered abuses every night.
  • Disable people who constantly have to prove that they are worthy for a chance to life.
Why is it every darn year, we have to celebrate these lucky, rich, and well-known celebrities again and again? Aren't their faces on every newspaper and television shows already? Stop calling them fascinating people! Let's imaging that they have no fame and fortune, and just normal people like us, would they still be fascinating? I doubt it!

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  1. It's true BC, those people who suffered from the trace of war should be labeled as fascinating people, single mom who work hard for her family, social workers and all those noble characters...I don't know why people are fascinated with those who got money and fortunate enough to live in a cozy mansions--
    maybe money is more important for them...

    Anyway, very good post!

    Take care...

  2. Mys,

    I'm glad we share the same perspectives..It's just wrong to always promoting people who really don't need anymore publicity!

  3. Icy, you are absolutely right. Many of us have lived through some "fascinating" ordeals. They are only fascinating because people boost their ratings by turning in.


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