Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are Your Back-Links Keep Readers Away

There are many articles talking about the importance of back links to generate long term traffic, and then there are an epidemic of articles that contain back links in one's own articles that are as long as the road to Timbuktu. What gives?

I find myself withdrawing away from people whose every new publication included such a long list of their own articles/poems that are not related to the subject. Common sense seems to be missing for the following reasons.

Points to Remember
  • Ask yourself this: who has time to read one, then continue to click on another, and another on the list?
  • Are you the only friend/fan on other people's list?
  • Too much self promoting in your own articles leave a bad impression after a while: desperate!
  • How many people, really, actually click on those links?
  • Did you, yourself, click on the links in other people's articles? What do you think when you have just finished reading one and then see a list of their other links?
Back Links Have Their Place

I have no objections on back links when they are used properly, preferably in their related subject, or when they provide more additional information for the same coverage.

Back links are wonderful when you can provide other people's work into your own, or when you come up with a creative way to do it.

When you do back links, remember to be moderate and tasteful! I'm sure there are many people who are tired of looking at those links as much as I do, and that is a dreaded feeling when they see your new articles. Eventually, yours will be pushed to the bottom of their reading list, "save for when more time is allowed" kind of thing!

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  1. I am confused as to what you mean by "Back Links." Are you referring to links within an article?

  2. I'm with you on that one. I never click on those links, unless they link to the follow-up, or previous article in the same series.

  3. I guess I'm not very familiar with those types of backlinks. It would be annoying to read an article full of links that didn't relate to the post topic. Now that your article has made me aware of them, I'll probably see some.

  4. Teresa Lynne--Yes, those links that the author puts at the bottom of their article/poem such as "More of my work, etc..."

    Anne--Thank you for being in agreement with me! I never click on those either!

    Diane C.--Six out of 10 articles are like that: "Read more of my work, etc.."

  5. i think this is the words of a wise woman. I rarely click on those 'more of my work' back links. If the article is interesting and there is a link for further reading on the subject i will though.

    Good article Geri

  6. Thanks Icy, for mentioning my poem. I was so surprised to find such a great selection that day when opening up my list!

    I often include links to my other poetry or related articles and/or my blogs when I write an article, but I try not to make it too long and tiresome. I hope that I am not overdoing it.

    On another note, there is an award waiting for you on my poetry blog at


  7. U know what? I read the main page--I mean the article itself--but not to click the back links..yet sometimes if i got confused by the idea of the article and made me to read more--that's the time i click it...

  8. Amen,

    you know, you can always let me know if I do this or other things. I'm still green to this thing.

  9. Geri--I rarely click on those links, I had time just for one piece/per person/per day..

    Michele--You didn't include length ones..You're fine!

    Mys--You're better than me, if I'm confused, I'll not venture

    Brandon--I've read many of your posts and you're just fine! Keep up the great work!

  10. I don't like complicated reads either, I like simple to the point pleasant linky loves.

  11. I'll click on them if they have piqued my interest. If not, I am on my way. lol


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