Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Tactics for Views

Now, if you are desperate to get views to your article, what are you going to do? Bookmarking them? Old! Done that! Still not getting more than a couple comments? Well then, time to think of these three tactics as your best way to attack the problem.

(These are not my tactics to get views, nor do I encourage to use them to generate traffic! After reading the comments, I have to clarify this. These are just ways that people sent to my inbox! I guess my sense of humor isn't that great...)

Tactic Number 1: Leave Offensive Comments

Hey, the new trend is to go hopping from article to article, as many as you can squeeze in, and leave bad comments. You have to say something really offensive so the author and the readers will both be mad enough to go checking out your profile and article.

Don't do it alone! Form a group of friends and tell them to do the same things. Leave unkind, rude, and obnoxious comments on everybody's article that you cross.

Beware though, they might report you to the publisher, delete your comment, and you will be a very lonely person with your bad deed.

Tactic Number 2: Send Messages to Everybody's Inbox

Let's face it, who would not like to get mail, especially the ones that say: "hi i go through your articles, its very informative so you can visit my pages thanks once again. i am world traveller go through my photos!"

You have just stroked their huge ego! Who wouldn't want to return your kindness? You have just gone through a hundred or so of their articles, and the least they can do is to check out a few of yours!

Or you can send a different message like this: "I liked your work so much, I read most of them. I have added you as a friend." Yeah...this should ice the cake, and they will quickly add you back, only you are nowhere to be found.

Tactic Number 3: Help Me I'm New

Generally, people are kind, and willing to help! So tap into this area, and send out messages asking for help. Pretend to be friends, and once you've taken off, or during the time that you are correspondent with these people, don't even bother to check out their work! Who cares, you get what you want, right?

Once you've captivated their attention, have their pity feelings for you, commenting on your work, support your wishes, you fall-out until the next moment of "I need help". Remind yourself that you didn't even once comment on theirs, but if you cry wolf, they will come to your rescue!

If you haven't heard of these schemes before, now you do! I have been receiving these messages and like a fool, I did check them out, read and comment. Only the relationship is very much one way, on my part. I have added many people to my friend list by falling for these schemes, and I saw their comments on others, but not once on mine...I guess it is time to remove these leeches!

(Note: this is just my rant and sarcastic vent to deal with this problem, not advice for use!)

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  1. BC, that's very interesting, However---I only leave nice comments--hehe! I don't want to leave offensive one. But, you got a point though, if you leave thought-provoking comment--people will read everything what u got and scrutinized every article you wrote...

    And, the inbox thing--I haven't tried yet---I just simply wrote things!

    Anyways, Take care---

  2. I haven't tried the offensive comments yet. I have left comments that are my opinion though, and got visitors because I said British politicians are close-minded and that I loved America...Guess that got em.

  3. Personally, I feel that a person has to ask themselves why do they blog? And what do they want out of it?

    All my blogs are basically to help others. I have a domestic Violence blog, A Writing (tip) blog, A Bipolar Blog for awareness, and a personal blog.

    I think that if a person wants traffic to their blog, they have to take the time to visit other blogs and leave a comment as well as link them within their own blog.

    I don't play tit for tat within blogs. If I like you, I link you..I don't expect it back, but if you do return the favor then that is GREAT, too!

    I LOVE Your pictures! You have so many awesome pictures on your blog.

  4. I added the award as well as a link back to you and my nominations.

    Thanks again.

  5. Oh that's so funny, BC. People say, 'I've read so many of your articles,' and when you check on their pages, you find that you're not even listed as one of their friends.

    People DO find ways to get their stuff read, don't they?

  6. Mys--I hope you know that I was being sarcastic, right?

    Brando18--Personal opinion some times will provoke someone, but I prefer personal opinion, rather than degrading comment.

    Teresa Lynne--Some just don't have common sense, so they will do what they need to do to get a few views!

    Anne--Thank you for seeing the humor in this..I have wasted lot of times trying to be nice and decent!

  7. It's entertaining to see the types of tricks some people use to try to take advantage of others. And, I like your sense of humor!

  8. I think pleasant and touching comments work better, after all we bloggers do care for one another.

  9. Now, BC, I have a new idea for getting reads. I'm going to start being rude in everyone's comments box and it's all your fault!!

    ****** ******** ******

    Seriously though, I see exactly where you are coming from. I get fed up with a mail box full of questions about how to earn money and get traffic from people I've never heard of.

    I do hope that the non-brains brigade out there doesn't heed your advice and start trying out the tactics mentioned in your article.

    Now that should be a laugh!!!!

  10. Diane--I'm gullible when it comes to this department. Not quite got a handle on this yet!

    Yeokeehui--I wouldn't do that to people. Always nice and kind first until the situation dictates otherwise..

    Lizzie--It already happens on Triond, the rude comments trend, and the messages in my inbox are just unbelievable...

  11. you should post some of those rude inbox comments.

    As a contest.

  12. The most clicks I've ever received when leaving a comment seems to be from the blog ZenHabits.

    Be one of the first commenters there, and it might generate some worthy traffic.

  13. I have a hard time leaving negative comments but, I'm working on that issue and digging deep inside of myself to be the nasty chef everyone loves. lol

  14. I was wondering which one I was going to use first lol ahaha Great post.

  15. Such a lovely trend, isn't it? This is a great rant, BC. I feel this one, everyday and it's getting old.


  16. Brandon--some of the comments that I received are vulgar, and not fit to disclosed!

    Bamboo Forest--Oh dear me! This is not what I'm doing or suggesting. These schemes are from other people who tried to get me to read their stuffs...I guess I'm way off with my humor :-(

  17. Dr. Chef Lauren--Abandon that route!!!!We have enough issues to deal with already...:-)

    Jenai--Thanks for understanding that this post was just for fun!

    Michele--Well, so glad you agree it's a great rant!

  18. I am bemused by the, hey I love your work, left a comment, as when I comment, my secret secretary is good, she deletes comments that don't exist!! ;0
    great rant!

  19. Glynis--Funny how people can just say things, and not do!


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