Friday, February 5, 2010

Sharing the View

When stepping out to see if I could snap a few pictures of the sky, I found a companion waiting for me. I couldn't tell what kind of bird this was, but it was bigger than all the birds that I have seen around here.

The sky was gray and I lost interest in looking for colorful sky pictures. Instead, I zoomed all the way in, hoping to get a close up of this mysterious bird.

The bird just sat there, looking this way and that way with his back facing me. I was very sure that this was not a seagull. The way it sat there was just beautiful and majestic somehow.

It sat there for a very long time while I snapped the pictures. I had to give up and went inside since I lost the feelings in my fingers. My companion was deep in thought.

This was an unexpected pleasure and joy. I was able to share my city view with this bird, and for a moment I just immersed myself in the presence of this bird.

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  1. I think he was just waiting for you to pay attention and snap his photo, Icy...and you did. Nice that he didn't fly away!

  2. Nice of him to pose for you. Looks big like a bird of prey, maybe a hawk.

  3. Great shots, I think your feathered friend is a hawk. They do look quite majestic, he was probably checking out the surrounding area for a meal.

  4. You are such a natural> The bird trusted you.

  5. i love it when birds would behave for me for a picture, i think the bird would want to add color to your day :)


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