Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facebook Connection

Facebook is usually not a place for me to hang out, but this morning I was reading some messages when I suddenly got connected with an old friend from Triond. Duh..I didn't even know that you can talk directly with friends on it until a window pops up!

Many things or apps on Facebook remain a mystery to me. I do not have enough guts to even add people who I don't know as friends. Then there are notifications to accept this and that. I click on it, and then click close because I don't know what to do with them.

So many things to learn on each and every websites that I've signed up with, but there are not enough time to explore them. It is also frustrating for me when after I'm used to get around with the old layout, they change again to mess me up.

Here is what I've learned so far:

  • You can create a NetworkedBlogs to add your blog to Facebook.
  • After you've set up your blog on Facebook, you can invite your friends to follow you. The current rule is: you must have at least 7 followers in order for your RSS feed to show up on your profile page.
  • Once you have listed your blog on Facebook, it suggests other blogs for you to follow, or at least check out!
  • There are many groups that you can join or participate in.
  • You can send flower, angels, and many other neat things to your friends. I am still new at these apps thing.
  • You can chat with friends directly from the Facebook page by looking at the bottom right hand corner to see who is online.
I've been on Facebook for over two years, but I am not always using it! It may be a good idea to learn more about this giant social site to see what it is all about. Do you have any suggestion on how to effectively using Facebook for connecting?

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  1. I enjoy using Facebook but find some of the games are addictive and can take up a lot of time. Some of the apps are a great way to connect and don't take too much time like smiles and sending plants and things. Networked blogs is a fun way to connect with other bloggers.

  2. I had not heard of networked blogs although I've been using Facebook for about a year and a half. So there are always new things to learn. I mostly use it to keep in touch with cousins and friends who are scattered here, there and everywhere.

  3. Interesting! Networked Blogs sounds like a good idea if i can get it to work!

  4. I just noticed the networkedblogs too.. and its pretty cool since you can post discussions too..

    You can also post and share blog links in facebook and it directly gets the feed..

    one more thing.. FB can also post your twitter updates.. just google for some tutorials.. ^_^

    the only problem with facebook right now is the dashboard.. the new layout really does hurt my eyes.. X_X

  5. Diane,

    I have no ideas how to even start the game..I get very restless on Facebook..


    The only thing I know how to well on Facebook is to write on the wall.


    It's very easy to set up, just click on follow my blog at the bottom right, (you don't have to), but it will take you to the NetworkedBlogs, and you just have to look for the "Add your blog", and then follow direction!


    You're better at it than I am..I can't even figure out how to put Twitter to my blog yet!

  6. i just started facebook last weekend when I learned we can not do EC anymore :( and thought it is a way I can also share my blog to friends. I, like you, also, do not know a lot of the apps in facebook. I kind of enjoy it here actually since like you, it reconnected me to some old friends and some family I did not know also are in facebook. I guess, I was the late bloomer :)

  7. Betchai,

    It's good connected with friends and family, though I don't use it often enough..

    You're right, we have so many things to do, not enough time in a day for us to do so!


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