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Earn Money Writing Ad Reviews on Your Blog

If you are using the internet, chances are you have made yourself a blog. Whether it is for personal or for business uses, many people own a blog and there are great reasons for having one.

• You can make extra money selling ads spaces on your blog
• You can promote your business
• You want to share your world with other people
• You make a living writing useful and quality posts
• You have a passion for blogging

Recently, I have read that many people are making money writing review ads on their blogs. The only problem is to know which ones to sign up. We all need to make extra money in this tough economy, and we all have to be smart about saving our money.

The companies below are on the top of my list, because I know people who are on these sites, and they are making money.


To have an idea of what to do, or how the pay works, you need to go on this site and look around. Read the Requirement section to see if your blog qualifies before sign up. The process is quite painless, and you will receive assignment to complete in three to five days after signed up.


This site works just like other paid ad review sites, and it may also be the biggest in this field. Their top bloggers earn anywhere from $300 to $800 a month, and if your blog receives high traffic, you can put "Hire Me Direct" banner on it, and earn a higher amount of money from advertisers.


Directions can be found by clicking on the above image! Since the pay rate for a review of product or service runs from $20 to $200, your blog must meet the requirements to be accepted into their system. These requirements are: link popularity, readership, subscribers, rating of your blog, and traffic.

To find out more, read this FAQ

These are just three companies that offer opportunities for bloggers to earn money on their blogs. With many people are out of jobs and looking for a way to make money online, these sites are a great place to start.

Make sure to spend times reading over each site before you sign up. What works for me, may not work for you! Best of all, have fun blogging..

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  1. i was browsing this kind of thing too...(lol...)

    and i forgot to bookmark the site and now here u are writing this. Thanks!

  2. Mys,

    I beat you to it. I guess this will be a great start for both of us :-)

  3. Thanks for the info, BC. This is really helpful info because I was looking for more ways to earn money on the Internet. I am going to bookmark these sites so that I can check them out!

  4. BC, I have such a high admiration for your organizational skills. You do such a thorough job on researching and present the reader with so many facts! Thanks for the info about monetizing our blogs!! I'm bookmarking this too. Great job.

  5. Like Judy commenting above me I am also impressed with your ability to research and organize all these things. Thanks for the useful article, BC!

  6. Thakns for the great article. I would loce to sign up on some of those websites what I need is an extra hour or two every day.

  7. Everything sounds so interesting. You have provided me with a long list of options, that's great for a beginner like me.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. oh, thanks a lot Icy, I hope to learn all these, but I think for me, meantime, my main assignment is how to increase viewership and PR in my blog, meaning, I have to write there a lt of searchable materials so google and yahoo can feed me readers again. tough timing for me though, as i have to start all over, and i have a new schedule, am balancing right now work and studies, but i hope to get there and be able to use some of these here that you shared. thank you so much Icy.

  9. Mily,

    I'm glad you the post helpful..I have signed up for paid ad reviews and waiting for my assignments.


    How kind of you with words..


    Thank you for encouraging me with all your support!


    Even if we have an extra hour or two, they will be used up also :-)


    I hope it's helpful and bringing in some money..


    It's hard to balance everything in a day sometimes..

  10. I will check into it.Thanks! Your blog is very informative with such a fun, photographic touch!

  11. Teresa Lynne,

    I'm glad you found it helpful/useful in some ways.

  12. your article is great,I found a great make money site.
    Best 15 ways to earn money by home,make money to easy ways by home.


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