Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Would You Take a Stand?

It has been a long time since I last wrote an article for Associated Content, Triond, and eHow! I don't know what happened, but I can't find inspiration to write anymore. It seems that so many articles on these sites are the result of rehashing from others.

These Are My Questions
  • Are we running out of ideas to come up with an original story?
  • Have we stop using our brain to think of things to write about?
  • What motivates us: money or creativity?
  • Do we have any shame in repeating someone's idea?
  • Are we in competition to write as many articles as can with only the prospect of earning more?
Are We Copycat Writers?

I have some close friends on StumbleUpon from my last account there, and they said that as soon as they stumbled "The Wave in Arizona", two or three days later, someone on Triond re-wrote it, and got published again.Then , it was submitted to social bookmarking sites across the net.

The same thing happened with "The Frogs" Stumble, one of those users on Triond re-wrote, republished, and re-submitted to StumbleUpon again!

Heck, my own articles on Distinctly Rare and Unique Lobsters, Dive Into the Ocean for an Extraordinary Experience, and Bargain for a Cheaper Price on Everything were dissected and re-published on Triond and Bukisa using the same pictures and similar title.

So What Type of Writer/Publisher Are You?
  • Do you have ethics or principles or morals in your writing/publishing style?
  • Do you take pride in your writing? Those who take pride in their writing would not send their links to everyone on their email list, asking them to stumble and review, or beg others to rate every single piece they published?
  • Would you copy and paste someone else's writing and make them your own? If you do, do you wrestle with your conscience?
  • If you are a publisher and you know your users copied and pasted someone else's work, would you still publish the materials because they will bring in traffic?
  • Do you take pride in your work published under false pretenses, when you know it is not your own? Can you click on the button stating this work is your own and not in any way taken from another source without express permission?
  • Do you care about your reputation as a publisher who condones plagiarism?

Last But Not Least, What About You?
  • How far would you go to support a friend on social bookmarking sites with their endeavor?
  • Would you leave a comment to say that their piece is copied and pasted if you know, or taken from someone else?
  • Would you take a stand to keep this writing world more decent?
  • What would you do to weed out those blood suckers?
  • Can you tell why when these users submit a piece to SU, they have about 30+ views and no stars at all? It is kinda obvious, don't you think? They are all obligated reviews, which raise lots of questions about their work ethic.
I believe everyone can write nowadays, and everyone can be a writer, or call themselves a writer. The difference between self-respectable writers and hungry-for-pennies writers are the huge steps in what they do and how they carry out.

Louie Jerome, a published author of two books, wrote this 10 Things Self-Respecting Writers Never Do, and it is worth reading, especially her comments on how her own article was copied and re-published on Triond! It is very discouraging and disgusting..

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  1. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from other blogs, but stealing someone's work would not be fun or creative. Unbelievable that people do that. But, I do have an awful feeling that I might have unknowingly stumbled plagiarized stuff!

  2. I get inspired from creativity more than money..*Do what you love and the money will follow.*

    I, too have stepped away from Ehow and Helium for now..Not because I am stuck in what to write, but rather I am trying to focus on my books.

    I find that ehow and Helium has become so redundant with their articles. Everyone writes the same thing but in different ways.

    However, Ideas are NOT copyrightable, if it was then we would not have all the stuff we have in this world.

    I never take someone else's writing from articles, but I do get inspired by some articles and it helps me to write again.

    If I see a friend's work being stolen, hell yeah! I would tell them and to the recipient that stole it!

    I think that the writing world is decent..One has to understand what copyright laws truly are.

  3. Diane,

    There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from other people, but to copy and paste from different sites without even given credit to them, are wrong..

    Teresa Lynne,

    Absolutely in agreement with what you said here..Good luck with the book. BTW--I can't seem to leave a comment on your blog...

  4. Icy, I love what you did with all the beautiful eggs. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and agree with 100% that plagiarism is just wrong. Take care & G♥d bless!!!

  5. Judy,

    Thank you...

    Teresa Lynne,

    It works now..

  6. It is very wrong to plagiarise, it's theft pure and simple. It must be so annoying for you. Have a happy Easter, Icy.

  7. Dabrah,

    My views reduced in a large numbers after they did this, but
    what else can we do?


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