Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Try Pole Dancing to Jazz Up Your Workout

A new form of exercise has entered the market: Pole Dancing! It is not what you think! There is no stripping involved. There is no exotic teasing. It is just a great mixed of dancing moves to jazz up a boring work out!

Many women from all sorts of life have testified to this new trend, including lawyers, dentists, doctors, nurses, and engineers.

These women said that with pole dancing, you are building strong arms, shoulders, and the upper part of your body. You are doing the pull-ups and sit-ups on a vertical pole. You are toning every muscle in your body. Of course, pole dancing can also empower the feeling of being sexy, and there is nothing wrong with feeling sexy.

While using pole dancing as an exercise art form, you are wearing comfortable yoga outfits, not the type of performance skimpy clothes at the night clubs. The first four weeks of pole dancing, patrons are advised to go barefoot, and high heel shoes will be introduced later in to the program. Pole dancing offers a new way to exercise, and break away from the regular workout routines.

Moves of Pole Dancing

Pole Addiction in Ferndale, Michigan offers the following moves. It is one of the hottest locations around town.
• The Venus
• The Fireman
• The Princess
• Gorgeous
• The Dislocator
• Hurkey Swing
• The Ally Oop

Though I really don’t know what all of these moves are about, but the Ally Oop is said to be the gravity-defined move because they had a 96 year-old client on the pole at the grand opening. The beginner course includes more than 40 moves, and they also teach the Burlesque dance.

You can learn a bit about the Burlesque dance class on YouTube here:

Fitness has changed over time, and pole dancing offers “outside-the-box” experiences for people who are looking for different ways to jazz up their workout. If you are brave and daring enough, try pole dancing!

For Michigan residents, here are three websites to check out:

Pole Addiction
PoleFIT Revolution
Vixen Fitness: Pole Dance Class

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  1. A beautiful art form that looks like good exercise and fun too!

  2. Ha! what a blog, so great and i'd love to try it but i'm not sure i can follow the moves, am not much acquainted with them. Huhuhu...glad to stop by here. :)

  3. This has been around for awhile now. Oprah had it on a long time ago..I want to try belly dancing..I cannot seem to find pole dancing in my area unless....

  4. I've heard that it's a fantastic means to work your core though I've never tried it myself.

  5. Icy, who knows, it may spice up the marriage too. lol

  6. Belly dancing would be good for me as I already have the equipment LOL
    Pole dancing looks tempting :)

  7. I would love to try pole dancing. I think my arms are strong enough. lol

  8. Diane,

    I wish I can try pole dancing, but I'm afraid people will run out of the facility in horror!


    Not me either! It does look like fun from what I saw though..

    Teresa Lynne,

    See? I'm way behind time...I need to get off the computer and out to the world more!


    It has just caught on around us here, so people are getting very excited.


    I think it would make a different..with those moves! :-)


    I have the equipment too, but belly dancing would put my hip out of whack!

    Dr. Lauren,

    Hope so, since you're going to need them for your archeology projects! :-)


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