Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie to Watch--Nothing But the Truth

I don't watch many movies, but once in a while, I would try to see one, and very rarely it would turn out to be a good movie.

I am drawn to woman of courage, extraordinary, and with strong personalities! Such movies as The DuchessThe Women, and Closing the Ring are my favorites.

This week, I would like to introduce you to Nothing But the Truth, starring Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Angela Basset, Allen Alda, Noah Wyle, Vera Farmiga, and David Schwimmer.

Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale) is a photojournalist who writes for a local newspaper, and a room mom at her son's school. During a field trip Rachel encounters a conversation that changes her life and her family forever.

She does what it was right in her heart, and that is to stand up to protect her source. She chose ethic, and goes to jail to keep a promise.

Matt Dillon plays the bad prosecutor, Patton Dubois, trying his best to force Rachel to disclose her sources, while Alan Burnside (Alan Alda), Rachel's attorney defends her honor.

Rachel Armstrong holds her position with grace. She doesn't know why people think of her as a bad mother for what she believes in. She questions her attorney if the public would view a man as a bad father if he does the same: stand up and protect his source!

This is a great movie to watch! The story will keep you enthrall, and the ending will leave you with full admiration!

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  1. I will have to watch this then. I also like strong women in good dramas and I love watching old ones.

  2. This sounds interesting and with an amazing cast. That alone would entice me to watch the movie. Thanks for the info Icy.

  3. Your review makes it sound like a fascinating movie, I would probably enjoy watching it.

  4. i also like movies with women of strong convictions and full of courage. would love to see this movie Icy, thanks for sharing.

  5. will find time to sit on this, definitely. very nice of you to share, thanks!

  6. Oh, haven't heard this movie before but I would add this to my list of must sees's... Thanks for the recommendation! ;-)


  7. I haven't heard of this one either but I will have to give it a look.

  8. Sounds great. It's good to see Noah Whyle doing something else now. I've always loved him in ER.

  9. Strong women are the best!!

  10. Am also not much of movie watching, there's too much violence on some movies. Anyway, hope I will get a chance to watch this and will understand what you've said about this. I also did some on documentary which is scheduled to be posted this Sunday at my other blog.


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