Thursday, July 30, 2009

Purple Flowers in My Backyard

I've been trying to organize my pictures these last couples of weeks, but I didn't get very far in my effort. I always got distracted with some pictures that I haven't seen for a while, or couldn't find them when I wanted to.

Who Was I?

These flowers were one of those that I couldn't find when I needed them for my post on purple flowers in my backyard. Today, they just sort of jumped out at me, so I just have to post them here.

These flowers were growing along the side of my fence, and they were bushy! I don't know their names, and I can't search for the name either with keywords like "little purple flowers." So if you know, please tell me!

A Little Closer

These beautiful flowers were very pleasant to see! They were right outside by my back door, and greeted me every morning while blooming. These flowers had always cheered me up!

Dancing Triplets

While admiring these flowers, I caught these three flowers dancing in the wind. You must know that at that time, I was sitting flat on the ground and my neighbor thought that I was crazy!

Just One

Here is a little secret about me: I'm not good in a group setting, and I prefer to be by myself most of the time! I notice this in my pictures taking behavior also. I go for the loner!

And Another One

I will leave you now with this beautiful flower! You know I love purple, and this light purple flower is one the best things, so they must be featured for others to see.

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  1. i am so like you, i have so many pictures to organise and even planned to sort out my purple flower collections too but i just can't for dumb reasons. lol!

    love all the shots! they've cheered me up. with you mentioning you are "flat down" made me giggle. i do that a lot of times too. ;)

    btw, sorry i don't know it's name either.

  2. Icy, those are violets. I love them. They cover my lawn in the spring. A gardening service sent out fliers in my neighborhood with the promise of getting rid of weeds such as violets and dandelions, so instead, I threw out their fliers. lol

    Your photography skills make these beautiful little flowers even more so. God bless and take care.

  3. oh, sorry Icy, i do not know the name of the purple flower as well, but it is so beautiful! Love it, the last shot really glows charmingly and beautifully. the a little close look like a bundle of joy.

  4. They are violets as Judy said. I've never seen any growing here, but I found them in my wildflowers field guide. Your photos are so pretty! I love the flower color and the heart shaped leaves.

  5. Beautiful purple flower Icy!
    I love the macro shot of that.
    The color are so striking!


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