Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Update On Writing Ad Review Websites

Three months ago, I took an adventure with writing ad reviews to make money on my blog. I knew that with this endeavor, I wouldn't be rich, or able to pay all my bills. However, since I enjoy blogging, I figure I might just as well try it.

My Experience with ReviewMe

I've seen many blogs that showcase their earnings doing ad reviews, so I jumped in with both feet and hands! I want to make enough money to get a new camera to support my hobby of taking pictures, and I was willing to wait even if it takes years to accumulate the amount needed.

So I signed up with Blogvertise, PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, SocialSpark, PayingPost, and ReviewMe. Below is my personal experience with each of these paying ad reviews websites!
  • No codes to install in my template
  • No need to advertise them on my blog
  • I get one to two jobs a month (from $5, $7, to $10)
  • I actually get paid without having to wait to meet paid out limit, using PayPal
  • Prompt approval for the post
My Experience with Blogsvertise

  • After my blog was approved, I receive no tasks.
  • I wrote to them, and was told I would receive assignment soon! Nothing happens for 2 months.
  • I wrote to them and asked to cancel my account. I then receive two assignments: one for $2, and one for $7.50. This was on June 11th, 2009.
  • I didn't get paid yet
  • I also had to write a post about this website to promote them.
  • I have no other assignments since then
My Experience with PayingPost

  • I have to install their codes into my template for tracking
  • I have to write a post about them on my blog, though they are offered a $10 dollars incentive
  • I wrote two posts, approved, but not yet paid because I have to wait to meet paid out at $50. (Oh wait, it just went up to $100!)
  • There is no other opportunities available
  • There is no support after I email them about my account, so I can kiss those two posts good bye!
Update on PayingPost--This company has changed their name, and they don't pay whatsoever according to bloggers who had worked with them! Be careful!

My Experience with PayPerPost

  • It took me three submissions to get my blog approved
  • I receive no opportunities, zero, nothing since approval!
  • I have to install their codes in my template (a no no if you want Google to rank your page!)
  • I sign up at their other site: PayPerPost v4, approved, no tasks whatsoever!
  • I sign up at their other site: SocialSpark, approved, received email notifications that I am qualified to take new opportunities. I signed in and found out that I was not qualified at all.
  • So far, this three sites are not working out for me
My Experience with SponsoredReviews

  • There is nothing going on at this site for me after my blog was approved
  • I bid on jobs, lower the prices on those jobs, nothing happens. Not even one thing get approved!
  • So far it has been more than three months, and my account sits empty!
This is my update on these paid ad review websites. I guess the only way to know is to learn what is working and what is not. I am sure there are lot of other people who make a good income doing ad reviews.

If there are secrets that I should know, please don't hesitate to share!

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  1. Thanks for doing this rundown. Advertising is bad all over, especially on the Internet. I read that even Google is having trouble getting adverts for You Tube. So maybe this is part of the problem. Still, it looks like these places are pointless.

  2. Well organized and documented account of your adventures with writing ad reviews.

  3. thanks a lot Icy, this is just what I need to read at the moment since currently I am reviewing different opportunities, it is nice to know which one works or not. I applied at review me yesterday using the link you gave me, and am waiting for their approval.

  4. Icy, this is so beneficial to all of us. It becomes a very daunting task to apply for all of these and see what works and what doesn't work. Thanks for posting on all of these. I've yet to find any that work for me but I am always on the lookout.

  5. I'm passing on the We Are the World tag to you Icy!


    Also, congrats for being the first commenter, you climbed up one step at the Red Hot Lovers board!

  6. Thanks for taking the itme to post about this. I am sure there are bloggers who will find the information very useful.

  7. Useful list thanks. I write for Blogvertise, it was slow. I then got a pagerank of 3 and have really taken off. I get paid, and the lowest I have ever earned is $7.50.
    The advertisers like pr 3 +

  8. This is an excellent post Icy thanks


  9. Goodluck Icy, do hope that you get to get a new camera soon. :)

  10. I write for blogsvertise, they give opportunities like once in two weeks. check your account though as there are grab a bag opportunities.

    I think social sparks is the one that pays good, you just need to take the opp as soon as possible because you will either end up no longer qualified or the opp is no longer open...

    good luck

  11. People need to know this. I've retweeted it!

    Just recently joined twitter. What's your user name there, Icy?


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