Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beautiful Two-Tone Zinnia

I don't remember why I ended up at Lowe's, but I was not sorry to have made the trip either. Greeting me was these gorgeous two-tone zinnias. I was quite aware of how beautiful zinnias can be since I grew them at home, but to see the two-tone colors was amazing!

Here is a Bud

There were two rows of these zinnias right outside Low's garden entry. They didn't look good from afar since most of them were drying out, and received very little attention to their wilting needs. Then, I saw this bud, and went around looking for lively flowers to take pictures of.

Busy Flower

These flowers could thrive in hostile environment for a couple of days. They would look droopy, but as soon as they received water, they perked right back up. These poor zinnias were left out in full sun all day long.

Not My Fault

I'm sorry for the poor quality in this picture! It's not my fault, really! The wind blew it as I snapped the shot, plus the whining of a little boy in the back of my head shaken my nerves. Still though, you can see the beautiful color of pink on this flower all the way around.

Pink and White Zinnia

While taking pictures of these flowers, I've over heard the workers talking about dumping them in the garbage next week. One of them suggested that they should organize the flowers and marked them down to sell instead of throwing them away. (Bless her heart!)

Growing Stars

As zinnia grew more mature, a new layer of yellow stars appeared also. They were like flowers within a flowers, and absolutely stunning! Once the flower was bloomed, it would last for about two to three weeks.

Busy Inside

Watching the growing and dying stages of zinnia is an interesting process! They are very easy to grow. I saved all the dried flowers in a plastic bag from last year, and put them in my flower pots this Spring. I covered the seed with soil, watered it every other day, and watched them bloomed.

I don't have these two-tone colors so I better run to Lowe to see if I can rescue a couple pots. I love zinnias since they last so long, and beautified my surrounding.

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  1. Beautiful flowers, understand what you mean about the wind. Several times when I tried to photograph flowers in my yard that would happen.

    I love the postcard thing you made with several of your photo's, how did you do that? very cool

    thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon, you just never know where the suitcase will be going.

  2. the first time i heard the word 'zinnia,' it was a girl's name. no wonder, it is a pretty flower with a strong character! thank you for this, Icy!

  3. These are interesting. I usually stick to simple flowers like cactus. Well really, that's all I can grow. lol

  4. Sandy,

    Thanks for dropping by! I use photoshop to make the collage!

    Cherie and Dr. Lauren,

    Thanks for your continuing support!

  5. I like these two-tone zinnias. I might try growing some in my backyard next year. Your collage is very pretty and I love the drop shadow effect, which gives it another dimension.

  6. i really admire you for taking flower pictures everywhere Icy, and you always capture their unique beauty. Some of the plants we have here at home, I asked those guys who work on the road ladscape cutting some flowers and plants and before they put them away inside garbage sacks I asked them to give some to me :) so I did not have to buy, just grow them.

  7. Those are really pretty - never saw any that looked like that before

  8. Very pretty, and great photographs.

  9. These pics are beautiful as usual, Icy. :)

  10. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  11. Thanks for dropping by willoaksstudio, Icy! I see you're just as enchanted by a "bee's view" of flowers as I am!! I love these Zinnias...don't grow them here due to diseases.


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