Friday, August 14, 2009

Butterfly or Carnation?

I skipped by this field of flowers since they look all out of shape. As a matter of fact, they didn't look anything like flowers at all. Though the colors were very attractive and calling for attention, I walked right by them at first, but then I returned and the photos below are the result.

Look Like a Butterfly

When I first saw this flower, it looks just like a butterfly! The colors are beautiful, and the water droplets on it in this angle giving it the butterfly-effect. I have not seen that many butterflies around here this year at all.

It Is a Carnation

I am pretty sure that this is a red and white carnation. After the rain though, the petals are separated and drooped. Therefore, from the distance, the flower has the butterfly look with that curly "antennas"

Beautiful Colors

These flowers are marvelous looking with the water drop on them! I am sure that somebody with a better camera and training, would have taken a better picture than mine. I just couldn't find a better angle.

Just One Drop of Water

I like the darker red color in this carnation, and that one drop of water at the end of the petal. It is a simple pleasure to enjoy looking at amazing beauties in nature.

A Field of Carnation

These carnations have the look of butterflies since there are dots on their petals. Or maybe I want to make believe that I see butterflies since I hardly see many butterflies this year.

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  1. What lovely little carnations. The way it droops after the rain it does sort of resemble a butterfly.
    I like the big drop of water, it has a very nice reflection.

    Beautiful photos Icy.

  2. I love these carnations. I've never seen this version of them. The colours are simply magnificent. Isn't our creator great!

  3. I have never seen carnations like these. They are beautiful. And they do look like butterflies.

  4. Icy, don't sell yourself short. Your pics are gorgeous and they keep us coming for more. You are right, they look like butterflies. Our creator is something, isn't He? He gives us so much beauty and you are so good to share!

    Take care & God bless.

  5. wow, Icy, the first picture looked like butterfly indeed! again, wonderful and beautiful photos. you are our flower angel.

  6. Beautiful images, these flowers sure do resemble butterflies in many ways. The red and white petals make a pleasing contrast against the green background. Another delightful find!


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