Thursday, August 27, 2009

Check Out Lou Lou's Corner Website

I love looking at baby clothes, especially for girls, because they have great varieties of things to chose from. There are so many choices, from head to toes, as far as I can see. Boys' clothes are limited including colors, and designs.

Image Courtesy of Lou Lou's Corner

Designer baby clothes on website are unique and affordable. The brand names include appaman, BabyCie, bugaboo,catimini, barefoot dreams, haba, emily green, jellycat and so many others.

You can shop by brand names, occasions, or sizes, or by genders. The red tag section is where I look for sale items. Since my niece is only two, she is still small enough for me to have fun with shopping.

Image Courtesy of Lou Lou's Corner

Accessories on this website include shoes, toys, books, and baby things such as bottle carrier, bibs, and cups. There is also a section for house and home on Lou Lou's Corner website. I always get side track looking at other things.

I am hoping to get my Holidays shopping done ahead of time for all the kids. We have only four small children in the family left and it is fun to shop for them. My goal is to purchase one present a week to keep my budget intact. Hopefully by the time Christmas comes I still remember where I hide them.

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  1. Those little outfits are so adorable ! I like your idea of Christmas shopping as early as now. I love online shopping as well !

  2. Online shopping is certainly easier, and you are right about spacing those gifts out to stretch the budget.

  3. love buying baby clothes, esp. gilrlie ones for freinds' kids. these are lovely, Icy!

  4. oh, i do hope you will remember them Icy, it is nice to be shopping early as well so that we don't have to be stressed come Christmas time what to buy for who.


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