Friday, August 21, 2009

Checking Out Lockers

As school is about to start, I am reminded about the lockers in my son's building. Many of these school lockers are old, and not functioning as they should be. My son's locker is always stuck, and he always has to call the janitor for help.

This is a place where he has to keep his winter wear, boot, books, backpack, and other personal belongings. There is nothing we can do about it, since our school district is in financial trouble enough already. Looking at lockers for sale would not be on their agenda anytime soon.

At, I see so many different types of lockers. They offer gym lockers, wood lockers, standard lockers, vented lockers, stadium lockers, and specialty lockers in many different colors. They also have locker accessories and locker benches.

It would be nice if our school could afford to replace the ancient lockers or gym lockers for the children. It's frustrating for small children to deal with sticky lockers when they are in a rush.

Through this website I learn that there are many types of lockers. I thought that lockers only come in those gray metal boxes. I have no need for a locker at home, but learning new things is great.

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  1. I don't know, there's a few places I could stash a locker. lol

  2. that's true Icy, hopefully, your kids school locker will be replaced with something that works properly.

  3. i know that's sad. my son was asking me about lockers last week, i'm thinking it stemmed from all these requirements we need to lug on the first day. and he's only in second grade! ugh! so much stuff! i hope somebody somewhere realizes locker problem is getting serious.

  4. I didn't realize there was a site for lockers. I remember the lockers at high school and there were green ones and gray ones and we had to use combination locks. The ones in the pic were a lot nicer than the ones at my high school.

  5. Rm has had the same issue with many of her lockers! Usually the thing chose to stick right at lunch time (I actually was at her school on a day it happened and it took the burly security guard to open the dang thing!)

    In the day of budget cuts, class cuts and every other type of cut - this problem seems so insignificant to the Administration. But, I'm betting they'd sing a different tune if it was their lockers!


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