Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get Free Math Tutoring Online

I have to admit, Math is not my cup of tea! In fact, I often dodge it if I can. Talking to my friend Betchai, who is a very compassionate Math teacher, she said that I could find Math help online. I thought that's just brilliant.

My son is going into fifth grade, and on occasion he needs help with Math homework. I need to have some resources available to prefer to when I am stuck! Having Free math help is important to me since my son and I both get frustrated very easily. offers Online math tutoring for K-12, including college tutoring. You can find many different resources for Algebra, calculus, pre-calculus, statistic, geometry, trigonometry, probability, linear programming, and discrete mathematics.

I can get on the site, and be connected to an Online math tutor for free! I would feel less inadequate, helpless, and minimize frustrations for both of us. Learning should be fun, especially when you understand the problem and found a way to solve it.

School is less than two weeks away, and I am now ready to deal with this dreaded subject. I will use Online math help to make the learning process goes smoother. It is much better for both of us to get Free online math tutoring than trying to figure out with tears, yelling, and discouragement to study.

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  1. Chris and I passed both our college algebra classes. Boy! Were they hard! I could have used this then.


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