Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Making of Men

JoJo and his friends have recently developed a taste for making a ramp to jump using their bikes, skateboards, Rip Sticks, scooters, and roller skates!

Their desire to build a ramp had them scouting the neighborhood for scraps wood pieces. On garbage day, these boys went up and down the street to look for what they needed, and came back to our backyard worked on putting the idea together.

The Collection

These scraps come back to my yard for a great new adventure in wood working! While the boys look for tools that they can use, I entertain the thought of "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

Which One?

Deciding on what piece of wood would make a great ramp take on a heated discussion. They couldn't decide how the ramp should be built or which piece would be best to use.

Get to Work

To make a leg for the ramp, they must saw a piece of wood off first. The work begins with everyone help!

Making Sure

They couldn't believe that they saw this piece of wood into half. One boy has to make sure that the line is really clear and clean while the rest of them smiling.

We Did It!

After a few moments, the thought sinks in and they all screamed "yeah..." looking at me to show off a very proud accomplishment.

Time for a Cook Out!

Please don't laugh, but these boys do need a break for lunch! They are checking out the stove and wondering what they can make for a healthy meal.

I couldn't help myself with giggles inside when I see this! They totally transformed to a softer side of boyhood.

The ramp though, didn't make it to the finish, since rotten wood seemed to fall apart when they tried to put a nail in. However, they've learned to tell which piece of wood to pick at the next garbage day.

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  1. What a fun and creative idea! It looks like they are hard workers!!

  2. They are so resourceful looking for wood scraps on trash day! Looks like they work hard and have fun. Neat post!

  3. I think it's great that they had this idea and all worked together to complete it. They are very resourceful and I'm sure after next garbage day, their ramp will be completed.

  4. They not have completed this one but sounds like they had fun and learned a lot. I'll bet the next one will be perfect. Great photos of the group.

  5. They've learned a valuable lesson in team work too! Awesome. Thanks for sharing the adventure!

  6. wow, what a team building experience they all have had and must be a wonderful experiential learning for them as well. i can't help but think of my younger brother, who loves to fly high with his bike, i can not look even sometimes :(

  7. It looks like they were all having fun. My son loves to be a builder and, of course, creates more of a mess than actually builds something but it helps him learn.

  8. morning, Icy! haha - i had every intention to blog on exactly the same title sometime today, haha!! it is so fun watching our children grow and think for themselves. i have no doubt your son and his friends had a fabulous experience with building!

  9. It's good that they're out constructing something and being creative. Boys that age need to have their hands busy and it looks like they're having a lot of fun (and learning too).


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