Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Roses In the Yard

I saw these roses in my brother's backyard, and the pink color is just so sweet! These roses can cut as a single rose for display because of their long stems. Yes, the thorns on these beauties are also very sharp.

These flowers have the hottest pink color that I've ever seen. It is such vibrant color in heat of the sun.

Baby Rose Bud
This baby rose bud is so elegant and pretty! This is the hot pink color that I like. If it has to be pink, so be this sweet pink!

Open Just a Little

While the rose is only half opened, the color is still vibrant, especially when the sun light hits it just right. I was lucky to catch this one in the sun.

The Other Side

I was trying to avoid the plain gray background of the brick, but I like it looking at this picture. It gives a great contrast to the pink rose.

Wings on a Rose

The two petals open on both sides make them look like wings! As the rose mature, the pink color gets a softer look. This one rose bush yields so many beautiful flowers, and I was able to capture them from different stages.

All Open

Here is a look at the inside! You can see the petals are still sharp and strong. They have not showed any sign of distress yet, and the pink color is also much softer!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Icy, these are so soft and lovely. The hot pink color is fabulous. Wonderful photos.

  2. The fourth one certainly does look like "Wings on a Rose." I enjoy your delightful flower posts! Sometimes when I see a pretty blossom, I ask myself, what would Icy say about this flower?

  3. I love the way the hot pink glides into the creamy yellow at the base of the petals. Mother Nature sure is a talented artist, right?

  4. The roses are lovely. I think you're right about the grey brick background It's textured and muted and doesn't detract from the impact of the flowers.

  5. thanks Icy, for starting my weekend with a joyful pink memory :) the roses are lovely, again, you took its stages and varied forms really wonderfully.

  6. pink and gray go together, too, so you did a marvelous job! just love pink! i can just sniff these pretties from here! thank you, Icy! we have grey skies right now so these roses are brightening my day!

  7. A lovely series of growth. So beautiful.

  8. i'm back, Icy! just letting you know there are two awards waiting for you on my site! check out my latest post!

  9. Beautiful rose buds, I truly love the first image!

  10. Great pics! I love the colors of the flowers!

  11. I think my parents have a rose exactly like the one in your pictures. Your pictures are wonderful.

  12. they are so lovely, can't take my eyes of it! ilove the "angel" rose the most. :)


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