Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sharing Differences While Having Fun

To tell the truth, I am not a NFL fan, even if you pay me to watch! I am more of a soccer fan as far as sport watching goes! However, I know many people who are crazy about football, and would love to have access to NFL Sunday ticket schedule.

I just don't understand the concept why these men are piling up on one another as soon as the ball reaches them. On top of that, it looks painfully like bones crushing to me! Many people have tried to explain the game rules to me, and were very patient in their effort to teach me.

In fact, my next door neighbor, gets direct TV and invites me over for a Sunday football party. She said instead of buying NFL Sunday ticket to go to the game; she brought all the games home so she could convince me. She is the most devoted football fan that I've met!

Well, I argue that maybe NFL Sunday ticket price has just went up and she was getting "dingier" with her age, but she insists that my attitude about football that pushed her on getting direct TV. She has a mission, and that is to make me an NFL fan for life.

So far, we are still at the opposite spectrum, since I would rather spend time taking pictures, writing, blogging, or reading than watch TV in general. Recently, we exchange a deal to watch the games of football and soccer together whenever time permits.

It is more fun watching the game with someone even if our interests are different!

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  1. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone (I could lose my southern girl status) - but I'm not a big football fan either! I love getting together with my friends, but I'm all about the socializing - not the game!

  2. Icy, I am a huge SF 49er fan and watch all their games. It's my favorite sport to watch :) For me it's fun and exciting.

  3. well that;s nice you've both reached a compromise - i am no fan of any ballgame whatsoever but nc is basketball country and aris is an avid player.

  4. I like the title of this post, Sharing Differences While Having Fun :) My favorite "sport" to watch on TV is Poker. I don't think it's really a sport, but I understand that game more than football or all the other ball games.

  5. i used to not understand football, but some of my students would ask me if i have time to seat with them and they tutor me how to understand football so that we can relate :) hahaha. anyway, now i am a fan of San Diego Chargers :)

  6. I am not familiar with the US league but the UK football (soccer) season starts next week, and I will be a soccer widow.


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