Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaving Cream Party

My friend Laurie likes to host summer parties for the children from around the neighborhood. One of these parties is the famous shaving cream party, where kids of all ages come bringing their own shaving cream cans.

Jumping on the Trampoline

In Laurie's backyard there is a trampoline for the kids to jump and have fun while we set up the front drive way for the shaving cream. I am in charge of putting the kids' names on their own cans, an easy job for me in the shade!

The Shaving Cream is On

Once the shaving cream is on, the kids are covered with it. The children chase each other down and try to spray anyone in their path.

At the Front End

JoJo is lathering himself with a "look ma" proud moment. This is just plain fun before the water balloons break out with screaming noises from children everywhere.

Cover With Shaving Cream

As you can see, the driveway is now covered with shaving cream, and it becomes quite slippery if you are not careful. The water hose is always ready to rinse the kids and the driveway off.

Little Boy

My little nephew is in it too, though he doesn't like anyone to spray him. He is being careful and watch his step.

Slip and Slide

On one side of Laurie's house, she sets up this wonderful slip and slide water tower. After the kids are clean from shaving cream, they can come to this part of the house for fun. On the other side of her house, she sets up volleyball net for additional activity.

It is one of summer highlight events for the kids. Everyone loves Ms. Laurie in our neighborhood for her generosity, caring and goodness.

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  1. I can't believe it! I got here first. lol. It sounds like great fun
    was had by everyone!

  2. Aww..this is so fun! I would like to join and have fun i slides :) I love summer parties!
    by the way, is it okay to exchange links? thank you much.


  3. Wow that is great. It is so nice that she has a party for the kids every summer. I am sure that they really enjoy it.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. I love how shaving cream smells so I bet it just scents up the entire neighborhood.

  5. The last time I did a shaving cream party I was 17 and lordy we got in trouble (apparently, our S.C. bleached out the front yard of the host and he was TICKED OFF!).

    I love the whole idea of parties...which is why I let my girls host so many. Great fun!

  6. I am getting very!! I can remember when I would have thought this looks fun. But, now I am very grateful to be the grandmother and not mom of little ones!!

    Oh my Icy I never can find you. So I am putting an end to that. I am adding you to my blog roll.

    Then when you post I can come visit. I should have done it ages ago because I love your blog!!

    Wow it does look as if the kids had a blast and that's what really counts.

  7. Ms. Laurie sounds like a wonderful person. How great to have her in your neighborhood! This sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. What a great idea! I must remember the shaving cream party idea for when my grandboys are a little older. 18 months and 3 months are a little too young for shaving cream I think.

  9. How fun!! What an excellent way to spend a warm summer day :)

  10. sounds fun Icy! the kids are having fabulous time for sure.

  11. That sounds like really good fun. Who got the job of blowing up that slippy slide tower?

  12. hahah! this is my kind of thing! look at JoJO~ hahah! and your little nephew, so cute! you didn't just watch, did you, Icy! hahahah!


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