Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shop Early to Stay on Budget

Have you notices Halloween decorations in the stores already? Are we rushing the Holidays a bit earlier and earlier each year? Do we really have to get ready so soon? For many of us, buying one or two things ahead of time is the only way to go to stay on budget.

I know I haven't got over the fact that school is around the corner yet, but now I must begin to collect my presents and gifts for the coming holiday. Often, the kids in my life prefer to receive toys, so with that in mind, I usually get them done first.

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Like most boys, my son and nephew love to play with action figures, and my nieces like dolls and dollhouses. Pretend playing brings out the creativity in children, and it is fun to watch.

Though this year, JoJo has two requests for his birthday and Christmas. He wants to have an electronic toy, an MP3 player to be exact! He would like to put music in the MP3 player to listen while conditioning for soccer. The players have to run a total of 40 minutes every week!

The other one that JoJo really hopes to receive is the Lego robotic toy since he went to the Robotic camp this last month. He likes building things, and watches them come together. As for Roco and my two year-old niece, I know they would love to get ride on toys also.

I am joining many advance planners out there and get my shopping done early this year to avoid a hectic time later. Toys are one of the easiest things to shop for!

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  1. That's a great idea to start shopping early. You can beat the crowds and you might be able to find some good deals.

  2. yeah, was shocked last time to see a lot of halloween stuffs in store already, but well, it will be september in a week.

  3. gosh, that's one reminder i needed to hear!


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