Friday, August 7, 2009

ShopWiki Can Help With Your Shopping Needs

I once lived in New Orleans for seven years, and worked as a secretary for a rental complex. My wardrobes had to be business-like every day! That meant skirt, dresses, and suits! Back then, there was no computer to search for women clothing designers. I just had to physically look for them from local boutiques or looking through magazines.

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I was not a slave to fashion, but I had to keep up the image of a professional in the business world. I wished I know what was in, and what colors were appropriate for each season. Therefore, my best friend and I used to browse through many stores to look for style guide.

Nowadays, has made it much simpler to find buying guide for Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring. They offer women suits, work clothes, and casual clothes. crawls the web and finds stores that have what you want for sale, thus, save you time hopping from site to site. Type in one search will bring up pages of different stores. For example, when I type in pant suits, I have a result of 10 pages with more than 15 stores listed. I can then compare the prices and go to the website directly to purchase my items.

I don't have the need to dress up for business anymore, but I wish that I had this convenient way to shop back then. I know many of my friends who are in the work force, and have to dress business-like everyday so I hope that they will find this information useful.

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  1. shopwiki sounds great, should try it.

  2. I also worked as a secretary years ago. I would have loved to have a resource like Shopwiki to make shopping for business clothes easier.

  3. Thanks for this resource to find business clothes. We are required to wear business apparel.


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