Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simple Sunday Pleasures

It all started out innocently enough on a Sunday morning trip to soccer fun when I noticed this elegant white clover flower. I had to take picture. Yes, I understand it is just a clover flower, but for some reasons, it was more than that to me.

It is a Simple Pleasure to See

Through a series of rainy days, and hot temperature, there were still white clover flowers everywhere. Most of them were very ordinary white flowers that we all see every day. However, the flower above stood alone, with a dash of light color, and looked so extraordinary when my eyes landed on it.

Pure Joy

While my son ran to join his teammates to kick the ball around, I stooped as low as I could to take the pictures. After a series of blurry shots, I dropped on my knees for a better chance to zoom in. With just a small pocket camera, this was a must do action!

The Prize

Then I spoted this clover in the above picture. It has a total different color from all the white clovers around it. This baby was like a diamond in the rough! Knowing that this was a rare occasion, my crazy-self lied down on the grass to get a better view.

Before I could snap the second shot, I had a circle of people around me, from children to parents, all asked if I was ok! Blood rushed to my face as I explained what I was doing on the ground. Embarrassing to the max, yes, I was! And so was JoJo!

Back to My White Clovers

I got up and assured everyone that I was all right. As they all went back to their soccer fun, I decided that it was enough for the morning, and I didn't want to embarrass JoJo anymore. I sat back on my lawn chair and behaved myself!

Clover at Home

The last two pictures of white clover flowers I took at home, around my yard. I really didn't anticipate any commotion with finding pleasure in ordinary thing, but I guess I did bring on attention to my weirdness.

Today I am also celebrating one year anniversary of Reach Beyond Limits! It is such a joy to know that my blog is one year old!

Thank you everyone for making it possible. I am honored and deeply touched for all the support!

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  1. What beautiful flowers! I have never seen flowers like that before. Great pics!

  2. Funny that when lying down to get great shots people worried you were hurt. But that's part of what makes your flower images so special, you show your subjects from fascinating viewpoints.

    Happy one year anniversary for Reach Beyond Limits!

  3. happy first year anniversary for Reach Beyond Limits Icy.

    oh, i too sometimes lie on the ground to take shots of flowers, actually, i did a lot of lying on the ground last spring, but then, i was not in a ball game :)

    beautiful shots Icy.

  4. Happy 1st anniversary. The flowers are very pretty. I have to look around when the clover is out again to check whether we have any of the pale coloured ones. Over here clover flowers are scarlet.

  5. hahaha - you are one cool mom, Icy! dropping on all fours for a good shot is my idea of a good lenswoman! hats off to you!;) and also, happy, happy anniversary! i am proud to be greeting you on this day! the clovers are your anniv surprise!

  6. Thanks for dropping by and giving lovely comment.
    I love your blog layout, so clean.
    I love your zen two tone colours posting here.
    Just like you mentioned here: "It's a Simple Pleasure to See"

  7. First, Congratulations! Icy. That is a milestone.

    I actually like clover and your photos are very well done.

  8. great pictures and lovely flowers((:

  9. We should appreciate simple things around us and be thankful with every little things we have. I love these little flowers :)
    Congratulations to your anniversary Icy. thanks for leaving a comment in my post. yea, we cannot avoid making mistakes. It is a cute gift so I hope she will like it :)


  10. Wow, I'm learning so much about flowers from you. I can only grow cactus, but I'm learning to live with that. lol

  11. Better make sure you turn on you moderation.

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! thanks for sharing your simple sunday pleasures. they are not simple to me! they are extraordinary just like you and your blog. ;)

  13. I agree with Cher! She said it very well!

    You got some good shots. It's crazy what we'll all try to get a shot huh?

    People are always asking me about my camera and what i am doing. it's crazy. But, I love it.

    I have 2 awards for you Icy!!

    i hope you like them and i hope you're having a terrific week!!:-))))

  14. Happy Anniversary to your blog site too !

    You did a great job taking those pictures - they look adorable to me !


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