Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Story of My Car

Many years ago when I was looking at getting a car, I knew what my needs were: roomy enough for three children to move around, safety, affordable, space for luggage, and functionality. I was not set on any type of model, style or make. I just wanted to have a reliable vehicle to taxi my children to their destinations and back.

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I looked at many different dealers, and the internet wasn't quite as popular back then or I would have shopped online. My first stop was at the Toyota dealer! I instantly like the RAV4, but it was a bit too small to house three kids for a long drive. I often had to drive around 300 miles to visit my family, and watched three children packed like sardines in the back seat were not at all tolerable.

Seeing my disappointment, the salesman suggested for me to test drive the Toyota pickup! Well, the Tundra was fun, but impractical and expensive for me! The back of the pickup was not a place to store kids' toys, stroller, or luggage.

My 15-year-old boy had a fetish for BMW cars, so I indulged in his wish and went to the dealer for a look. As it turned out, these cars were not meant for a mother with three kids either.

We were about to give up for the day, but made our final stop at the Honda dealer near home. We looked at the Honda civic, Accord, and CRV for comparison. At the end, the CRV met all my requirements, and I was happy with my decision ever since!

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  1. my friend and sister in law both drives a CR-V and i have another friend who is about to have a CR-V, I think we can not go wrong with a Honda :)

    But Toyota and BMW are both great too.

  2. we had a civic and sold it when we moved out of state, now i wish we hadn't, sigh...

  3. I had a Rover 100 (British car)for years and it was reliable and strong. It got too old and when repairs were going to cost more than it was worth I decided to get another.

    Like you, I wasn't really taken on style or make. I just wanted affordability and reliability. I went for a Renault Megane (French car). It cost me lots in repairs at the start - almost as much as it was worth. It's okay now and I'm happy with it.

    Having a reliable car really sets your mind at ease.

  4. The Honda CRV looks like a comfortable, reliable and practical car. We have a Nissan Sentra which works fine for short trips, but not much space for hauling things.

  5. Where would we be without our wheels? You are so right to look for reliability and practicality.


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