Friday, August 14, 2009

Trying Out Local Search Engine

My son and I have a picnic to go to for his soccer travel team this weekend. I have no idea where the park is located. Giving the fact that I always have problem with direction such as "go North, head for Northeast, or take Southwest", I decide to map out my route.

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I go online and use the local search engine to find the park. It is amazing to see my search resulting in just local restaurants, and other local businesses. The website even shows the prices for haircuts, coupons, and rating for each site.

I can get driving directions, contact information, hours, and local yellowpages from As it turns out, this website is part of,,, and

I like how everything is organized on this site! Though I haven't crossed this website before, I am quite impressed by the easy navigation features of it. Once I got on the site, it knows automatically my city where I am at, taking out the task of typing in my zip code.

It is so nice to have an overall idea of what business or services available to me when I travel to a different town, especially the prices for local restaurants. For sure I will be using this website in my future travel as my son’s soccer games require driving to different cities.

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  1. I will have to remember that, not that my little town holds a lot of mysteries, but I might be surprised! lol


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