Monday, August 10, 2009

What Do You See?

We were out today for lunch, and on the kids' cup, this was what I saw! Of course, with camera in my hand, I took a few pictures.

I thought this would make a fun post for Monday!

You can read this anyway you want! It could be Burp Icy, or Icy Slurp, or Icy Sip...You get the idea!

What do you see in this one? Icy Sweet?

Try this one!

Last one! Are you having fun yet? I have a good laugh looking at this plastic cup today..

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  1. Applebees Burp. I like that one. lol

  2. haha, i would take a picture of that if i saw it too, and give to you :) it's fun Icy, glug, guggle Icy

  3. haha - i did, too, Icy! did you take it home? :)

  4. What a fun cup. It's all about you Icy. LOL

  5. Icy, I love your new header and the post!! Did you save the cup?

    Take care & God bless!

  6. hahaha! i had fun Icy sweet! ;)

  7. Ha! My little one had an imaginary friend called Ponkey. We once saw 'Ponkey' on a menu card of all places and had a good laugh.


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