Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Geese Grooming

The good man is the friend of all living things.
~Mahatma Gandhi

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

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  1. Lovely pictures.

    As lovely as they are, geese just irritate the beejeeze out of me! I'm sure the fact that I have them in the 100's.....pooping everywhere around me doesn't help!

  2. Great pictures! When I think about it, it seems amazing how birds are able to groom themselves so beautifully without any hands.

  3. I'm always wary of geese, because they can get quite cross. My Dad used to tell me that they kept geese as 'guard dogs' at his house when he was a little boy. Good pictures though.

  4. These are wonderful Icy!! you got some really good shots!! Wow we already have some Canadians migrating down.

    We saw some last week. I think it's going to be an early winter and a cold one too!!

    They usually don;t start showing up until the latter part of September.

    We have one pair that always stop over at our pond every year for a little rest I guess.

    They stay for about a week and then move on!!

    Oh wow I just realized that my ad is here today!! Thank you for hosting me!!

    Great shares today!! Happy WW:-)

  5. You have some really nice shots in your blog. The geese are wonderful.

  6. These are lovely photos...but around here, these geese can be serious pests! They contaminate ponds and water supplies when there are too many of them--so I often shoo them away (with a waved towel or blanket-quite a work out!) And Icy--I've gotten too many viruses from dropping, too--that part is such a huge, huge drag. Thanks for your comments!

  7. beautiful photos Icy.

    when my husband's niece visited us, whenever we see geese, she would say she is scared of them, i asked her why, she said because they attack people, she could not blame them to be mean with people for people had been mean to them. however, i sometimes would stop and take a picture, sometimes really inching close, and she was surprised the geese did not attack me, she said our geese here are so well behaved, i was glad to see her also inching a little bit and taking closer picture, but not to the point we were disturbing them. she was happy to find out they do not attack people here, but i told her to be more careful with the gulls here :) for the gulls here are the more agressive ones.

  8. Lovely geese :) I always see some by the river near my in-laws house.


  9. Thank you everyone for your time and comment..

    The geese have destroyed our soccer field so I know what you all meant about being "pests"...

  10. Wonderful pics, Icy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. i midded this post - shows you i'd been really tied up. love feeding geese, but haven't dont that in a gooooood while! love to see them flying, too!

  12. Amazing capture. I see a sort of form or reflection at the top of your photograph in white. What is that?

  13. Ana,

    I was wondering about the same when I upload the pictures..I think it was the lines that the ducks swam by, but not sure..


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