Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working on a Dream Vacation

Myrtle Beach is always a dream place for me to vacation, and I am checking on it once in a while for a place to stay. As far as housing goes, I have no preferences. My heart is more for the ocean, the sand, the waves, and the sea view than anything else. The lodging just has to be affordable!

I've heard that Myrtle Beach is a very beautiful place, and I believe it from all the pictures I have seen. Last year, my daughter and her friends booked their stay at one of the Myrtle Beach Resorts for their senior vacation. They had lots of pictures of the sea to show me, and I wished I were there with them.

The four girls took out a two bedrooms condo at Grande Shores Resorts and Hotels, a beautiful Myrtle Beach Resort where they had the time of their life. I was green with envy since it was my dream vacation spot, but couldn't make it happen yet, and here these high school girls were living it up. Of course, I was happy for them and I was glad they enjoyed it.

One day I will make a trip to South Carolina, and stay at one of those Myrtle Beach Hotels. The first order of business will be a walk on the sandy beach, sit under the shade to watch the waves, and listen to the wind of the ocean. For now, I will just have to work harder on my dream vacation.

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  1. i've never been there Icy, but my husband told me that it's his best when he still lives in IL, because he can combine both ocean and tennis.

    hope you get to be there sometime Icy, and enjoy walking on its sandy shore.

  2. I grew up in Georgia and traveled all over the region but for some unknown reason I never went to Myrtle Beach. But most of the beaches along that area are very nice.

    If you ever get a chance also try the Gulf Coast of Florida, beautiful. Actually I would recommend any beach on the East or the West Coast. I love them all.

  3. Hi Icy! so glad that your daughter had a great time at one of our resorts and glad to hear that you are thinking of coming to myrtle beach for a visit. If you need help planning or any questions about our hotels just let me know.


  4. Betchai,

    We should try to make a trip together! It would be fun..


    I love the ocean, Judy, and I agree with you about the beaches! They are all beautiful..


    Thank you and I will remember to get in touch with you when I go! That was so nice of you to leave a comment..


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