Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Would You Consider Online Stock Trading?

Watching the scene of the stock market on television always stirs up some questions in me! I wonder who can hear who when people are yelling, bidding, waving, and phone ringing? It looks very chaotic, and I can feel the stress just from watching the scene on TV.

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I guess this kind of business is not for me! I will feel so lost if I get tossed in the fast pace environment. One of the best things that happen in this life time is the internet. I can choose to be a part of the community or by myself when needed to.

First Trade.com comes to mind when it comes to stock trading! They offer free stock transfer, online trading, and a special referral program where you will receive $50 to refer a friend! I am shy when it comes to communicating with others face to face, so an online broker works for me!

I like to asks questions that some time may sound stupid to others, but I am a curious person, and online give me that opportunity to freely address my concerns without the embarrassing effects.

Have you seen the movie "Nim's Island"? I feel like Alexandra Rover, the author, who has fear of facing the real world, but that is another story! Maybe I am suffering the same disease. I do spend way too much time alone!

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  1. it is also not for me Icy, you have to be heads up with the market always. my mind would probably go crazy just following the market.

  2. I know someone who watches the stock market online all day long. I'm pretty sure watching prices go up and down would drive me nuts, but if I wanted to trade, an online broker would be the way for me.

  3. not my cup of tea, either, Icy, but something that is up Aris' aisle. i am sure he will not hesitate to do it if we can afford it, hahahah!! thanks, Icy1 i've been cheking out the zappo online shopping you've blogged about...you're very smart!


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