Monday, September 21, 2009

Bring on the Sun

Yellow Chrysanthemum

We were out to a soccer game two days ago at 2:00 pm, sitting in the middle of a bright day, and shivering when the wind kicked up. It was chilly and my thought traveled to warmer places like California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Yellow Sunflower

For some reasons, the color yellow comes to mind and I associate the sun with yellow flowers, so here they are bringing me the warm feelings of hot sunny days.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Daisy

I hope when you're looking at these flowers, they will bring you some warm feelings too.

Have a great day!

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  1. great macro shots, Icy! you brought me not just warmth but happiness too! this also reminds me of a friend who loves yellow colour and we call her sunshine. ;)

  2. oh, i seldom make it as first commenter! it so happened it's holiday today and my lil'girl is fast asleep now! :)

  3. These are beautiful macro shots! The color yellow always looks cheerful to me, but on flowers it looks extra sunny and joyful!

  4. wow! this will make a perfect entry for yellow Monday, too!

  5. You really know how to brighten up my day, yellow is my favorite color. :) Very favorite in fact. (*winks).

  6. yellow the color of the sun. makes you feel warm even when its winter time.

    such happy and warm feeling..yellow flower brings.

  7. What beautiful flowers! Hopefully the weather will warm up in your area. :)

  8. Wonderful sunny photos. They indeed bring a smile with their bold splash of yellow.

  9. awesomeeee shots and as usual my fav is sunflower but this time it is very difficult to select one all of them are adorable

  10. Oh wow... yellow is so refreshing! Gives us happy thoughts and warm kind of delight! I have several yellows too...I will gather them up for a yellow post! This is very creative, Icy, am learning from blogger friends! Thanks for the idea! I love your shots, they are really good! :)

  11. i know i have said it before, but you really have a way of bringing the alluring beauty of every flower, love your pictures Icy, and yes, they bring message of happiness.

  12. Great photos. I especially like the sunflower one. Yellow flowers are happy flowers.

  13. Beautiful photos...I have always loved yellow roses and the combination of them with purple irises. Looking at your flowers has made me want to scour my stored pictures of visits to spectacular Buchart Gardens in British Columbia.

  14. Yes they made my morning aa I had taken pictures on our vacation and they reminded me of the beauty of the flowers there.

    Have a great day..

    Dorothy from grammology

  15. Lovely sunny pictures! Our flowers are all red, pink and mauve at the moment, it is the end of our summer, but still warm.

  16. Icy, you've done it again and brought us smiling sunshine in the way of flowers. The Yellow Chrysanthemum is just glorious. Thanks for putting a smile on this day :)

  17. Great shots Icy, the yellows are so beautiful. Yellow does seem to brighten things up like no other color can. A really nice series of photos.


  18. Yes, they've certainly brought me warm thoughts of long, light days and sunshine. The sun is fading fast and Autumn is hurrying along over here.


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