Friday, September 4, 2009

Colors of the Sky

Hot Day

When we got to the soccer field, the sky greeted us with these amazing colors, and beauty. Five days out of seven, I am sitting and waiting for JoJo's soccer practices or scrimmages to end. I don't mind really since I use these times to stay away from my computer, from household chores, and really relaxing!

Though it can be boring at times, the sky never fails to entertain me. After watching it for a while, I am actually looking for worth to see the constant changes in the sky.

Looking at this picture above you can't tell that we are sitting in direct sun ray at above 90 degree. It was so hot and we were sweating like crazy!

Going Down

It was a beautiful and clear day out at the field. I caught myself watching the sky more than watching my son's scrimmage even with the noises of cheer around me.

Beautiful Colors

The view and the colors of the sky on that day was spectacular! I imagined myself out in the open on a lake somewhere and watching the sun slowly sets down in the horizon.

On the Soccer Field

As you can tell from this picture, we were sitting facing the back of houses, and looking straight at the sun. Even with many obstacles in the way, I was still able to see the beautiful sun set!

Good Bye Sun

To be in the middle of the city and having this view to see, I think it is remarkable! Every since I started paying attention to the sky, I learn to appreciate it more each day.

It is a refreshing feeling to know that each day is really different if you take a moment to watch the sky.

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  1. oh! such lovely sight....yes, each day offers something different if we take few moments to appreciate it!

  2. beautiful sky pictures. Ever since I got hooked on taking pictures, I've noticed so many things that I had passed by hundreds of times without even a second glance. It's worth it to slow down and just take a look around.

  3. Your pics of the sky were just beautiful. Looking up at the sky can be so peaceful and relaxing. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

  4. Beautiful photos, the middle one is my favorite with all the golden reflection.

  5. pictures of the waning sun are so fantastic - sometimes it is a kaleidoscope of colors. btw, i hope you had some sunblock and a hat and a pair of shades on!! 90-something is a skin killer!

  6. these photos are really great and sun set makes me feel perfect

  7. like SquirrelQueen, the 3rd photo is my favourite! i'm a lover of sunsets!

  8. I love beautiful sunsets & sunrises. I once stayed up all night to watch both.Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful sky images! I am getting tired of the hot weather, and will be excited when it cools down a bit. I love your pictures of the sun setting!

  10. Beautiful shots indeed ! I love taking pictures of the sun and the moon as well ! Lovely !

  11. That field is a great place to view the sunset. I think the houses and trees make lovely silhouettes that enhance the sunset colors.

  12. beautiful sky photos Icy. you have such a wonderful field to experience the transformation of the sky.

    PS...sorry I had not been visiting here more lately, have little time to blog now :( hope all is well Icy, take care.


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