Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun With Photoshop

Exploring Gray Scale Effect

The pictures are a series of really bad photos that I took of the butterfly bush. I had one of those days when the light, the wind, and the camera were not in harmony with each other.

Of a dozen photos, there were only four pictures that came out all right, and the rest of them are just a blurry mess! When I have a problem to solve, or unpleasant thoughts, and hurt feelings, I found my best medicine to dwell on, and that is to play around in Photoshop using my bad pictures.

I can transform these discarded photos into something new, and I can create something totally different from its origin. Thus, giving me a new perspective!

I start out by cropping this picture to center the circle of flowers, and apply the gray scale effect to it. This is a relaxing thing to do when my head is full!

Exploring Sepia Effect

This is an accident that becomes quite lovely! I click on the sepia effect and immediately like it. After I apply contrast enhancement, it becomes even better.

Exploring Texture-Using Vertical Lines

I want to have some texture, but nothing really turns out the way it should be so I tried using vertical lines. I applied this effect at least four times to make it looks like the flowers are behind a curtain.

Exploring Antique Effect

After I applied the contrast enhancement two times to give the flowers a better color, I select antique 5 effect, and then add texture with diagonal lines. I think this is pretty, don't you?

Exploring Newsprint Effect

Align Left
If you see the original picture of this one, you would have screamed and ran away. It was so blurry that I can't find any excuses for it. I use contrast enhancement, four times, and then apply newsprint effect to it. The result is quite nice!

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  1. Interesting to see the same flowers changed in very different ways. Amazing how vertical lines puts the flowers behind a curtain. My favorite is the antique one which I find emotionally stirring.

  2. i like the antique effect and newsprint effect! they came out very unique and pretty! :)

  3. oh, very interesting Icy, wonderful work, so many wonderful things to do, so little time :(

    so i just content myself with writing something for my blog and visiting blogs whenever i have the time

  4. i loved the antique effect most this perspective is really good i generally use kinda of programs to make pictures better

  5. I like these Icy. I really love the texture with the lines. I had one of those days the other day. I went to the Botanical Gardens, as I always do, took over 4 dozen photos and only about 12 are half way decent. They blurred, the light was off etc... It may be camera though too, I don't know but was very disappointed.

  6. I thought you did an excellent job with these pics. It's amazing what you can do with photoshop.

  7. I love what you did with the picture. They look fantastic. I also find playing in photoshop to be a great stress reliever. I start playing and it shuts everything else out.

  8. Oh wow, Icy, I've been doing the photoshop lightroom, but have not explored those special effects -I better check it out! Those are really good effects! My favorite is the antique effect!

  9. I liked the vertical texture. It looked as if you took the picture during a down pour.

    I am glad you have found something to help you relax. You deserve a break.

  10. Hello..Droppin by here..I added you in my technorati favorites..Please add me too if it's ok with you..God Bless!!Please buzz me when you're done..Thank you so much..Follow your blog too

  11. Very, very cool.
    Thank you so much for the step by step.
    Photo shop is very effective if a person is willing to experiment.

    I love how your flower photo turned out :)

  12. I love playing around with photoshop and learning new techniques, so thanks for the tips! Your work looks great, and I can't wait to try out some new things!


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