Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glass Racks or Cupboards?

My youngest sister is the only one in the family that enjoys a glass of wine at the end of her day. She has a beautiful wine glass rack under her cabinet space. This rack accentuates the decor of her kitchen, and the glasses sparkle when the light is on.

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Then above the main island, she has another hanging wine glass rack. I just love the collection of glasses that she has in her home. Whenever we have a family gathering, we use these glasses for juices or milk or soda. All the children feel special and think that we are too fancy.

For the longest time, I think that glass racks and pot racks add such a charming look in any kitchen. Though my current space doesn't allow me to have one, I am now admiring my sister's collections.

Many people prefer to have all their stemware inside the cupboard instead of displaying them. For me, if I have beautiful sets of glasses, I would rather keep them on racks for others to see. It looks more inviting to have a drink with friends and family, even if the drinks are just juice or milk.

What is your preference? Inside the cupboard or on racks?

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  1. racks look inviting - hello, Icy! just taking time out of a tight schedule to see how you're doing...

  2. Glasses looks so sparkly and beautiful out on the rack. But at my house I prefer to use a cupboard. I have too much too look at as it is. Maybe I need more cupboards or less stuff. :)

  3. The glasses are very organized and pretty hung that way. I wish I had the space to do something like that.


  4. I use a cupboard too. I like how the glasses looked in the picture, but for some reason I am constantly dusting in my house and the glasses would get dusty a lot. LOL!

  5. I love admiring cut crystal, wine glasses, etc. and have a collection. They sparkle so nice when clean, but I have to watch the cats. They don't mind breaking one now and then. I keep them out so I can see them, but high and closely packed to deter the cats.


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